5 Ways To Make The Most of York Jeweller’s Two-For-One Deal This June


This June, we're offering you two pieces of stunning jewellery for the price of one! Just use the code JUNE241 to take advantage of this special offer. 

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Let’s face it, everybody loves a two-for-one deal. Things are just better in pairs, well, twice as good, really. Two coffees are better than one, and the perfect pair of wines are twice as much fun. But guess what!? This June, the talented and passionate (not to mention generous) team at York Jewellers are taking this sentiment to the next level by offering their customers an incredibly special gift: two pieces of stunning hand-made jewellery for the price of one. With a stunning range of elegant and precious pieces, this amazing offer represents a rare and fleeting chance to reward your loved ones (or yourself) with a little extra luxury at a fraction of the cost. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Here are 5 clever ways you can make the most of this amazing deal from Sydney’s top Jewellers:




1. The Team Buy: Go Halves with a Friend

This is the perfect opportunity for you and a friend to finally get your hands on those “special somethings” – you know, those perfect pieces you’ve admired ever so wistfully through the shopfront glass, the ones that have always seemed out of reach, the ones you just have to have. Well, now you can make them yours. It’s easy, make a date with your bestie and go and see the beautiful staff over at York Jewellers in Penrith (or if you know exactly what you’re after you can even jump online and have it delivered to your door). Find the elusive and inimitable beauties that you’ve lusted after and split the cost right down the middle. Yahtzee! Everybody wins. You get the piece of your dreams and your dear friend gets theirs, and both for half of the price! Then there’s nothing left to do but don you dreamy jewellery, hit the town, and revel in the joy of a stunning deal.  

2. Plan for the Future: Never be Caught Unprepared.

For the punctilious planner, York’s incredible two-for-one deal in June represents an unmissable opportunity to prepare for every foreseeable and unforeseeable gift giving occasion. Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or even Christmas, York is giving you the opportunity to spoil your loved ones with superbly beautiful and personal jewellery without breaking the bank. They have an astonishing array of classic, modern and one off pieces, so you’ll be sure to find something for everyone no matter their taste.


3. The Perfect Match: Pair Your Wedding Rings

There are no two ways about it, weddings can be expensive, really expensive. Dresses aren’t cheap, and neither are venues. Your guests will eat and drink their weight in gold (looking at you uncle Alan) and as we just read, kitting out your bridal parties and groomsmen can cost a pretty penny. When it comes to buying the rings, budgets can sometimes be blown out of proportion. But this June, a trip to York Jewellers can see you saving some serious money without having to sacrifice on the quality of your beloved bride or groom deserves. Read on to discover our definitive guide to men's wedding bands

With York’s generous two-for-one deal, you can halve the cost of your rings by picking up your his and hers for the price of one. Are you and a friend planning to propose to your partners? Why not let our expert team help you find the perfect rings and do it together! Alternatively, for those of you planning to bring the perfect proposal full circle, why not let the friendly and knowledgeable staff at York help you find the perfect wedding band to compliment one of their gorgeous engagement rings. If you don’t know your partner’s ring size, don’t worry. We’ve created a helpful guide to help you find out without blowing your cover.

4. Complete the Look: Bridal Party Gifts

Whether they’re your legitimate family or sister’s from other misters, your bridesmaids are your guests of honour, your most treasured companions, your best friends and confidants. They’ve been with you through it all, so to show them just how special they are to you and to celebrate your special day, make them a gift they will never forget! In place of the traditional matching dresses (or as the perfect addition to), why not gift your No. 1’s with a beautiful piece of jewellery that represents your unique and wonderful friendships. This personal flourish will only enhance the magic of the day and will make your cherished bridesmaids feel like they belong to the coolest girl gang ever.

5. Treat Yo Self: A Special Something Courtesy of York

Lastly, York’s two-for-one deal provided the perfect occasion to spoil yourself proper. It’s the middle of the year, you’ve been working hard and, well, you’ve earned it. Treat yourself to a set of stunning jewellery, a combination just for you, perhaps  a lovely pendant to go with those earrings you’ve wanted for so long, or even a second set in gold ( a girl can never have too many). If you’re buying jewellery for a friend or lover, why not capitalise on the rare opportunity to find yourself something special, courtesy of York.