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This October, Penrith is getting a makeover. Following our city’s participation in the Mcgrath Foundation’s “Pink Up” campaign last year – which saw Penrithians collectively raise over $45,000 dollars – business owners and citizens alike will once again be donning the rouge, or rose, and painting the town pink! This year, York Jewellers have planned a rather special fundraising campaign...

But first, a bit about the cause. Founded by the late Jane McGrath and her husband Glen, the McGrath Foundation raises money to fund the placement of breast cancer nurses in regional and metropolitan areas. These nurses provide invaluable support and care to women and men experiencing breast cancer. From diagnosis right through to treatment, the McGrath Breast Care Nurses assist individuals and their families completely free of charge and without the need for a referral.

Amazingly, Penrith was the first Metropolitan city to partake in the Mcgrath Foundation’s Pink Up Campaign! Our combined efforts as a city last year raised enough money –$ 45, 000 – to fund the placement of a full-time breast cancer nurse at the Nepean Hospital, a feat we can surely feel proud of.

This year, in support of The McGrath Foundation and their incredible work, York Jewellers have created something spectacular for the event. From his Penrith-based Workshop, Head Jeweller and Designer Douglas Ely has created an incredibly beautiful pendant featuring a constellation of beguiling Argyle Pink Diamonds, some of the rarest and most coveted stones in existence


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Valued at over $15,000 this stunning piece of Australian history will be given away on the 31st of October with all proceeds going directly to the McGrath Foundation. Featuring no less than - pink and white diamonds set into an 18ct white and rose gold pendant, this is truly a piece worth getting excited about. 


Drawn as a raffle prize at the end of the month, one hundred percent of the proceeds raised by the sale of raffle tickets for this beautiful white and rose gold creation will be donated directly to the McGrathFoundation. The lucky winner, announced on the 31st of October, will walk away with not only a veritable piece of Australian history but also the heartwarming feeling that comes with contributing to an invaluable cause and helping those in need. To enter the draw, simply visit us in-store, or buy your raffle tickets online, here.

The diamonds of the Argyle mine in Western Australia represent a turning point in Australian geological history. Until the discovery of a quarter carat diamond in 1976, it was a common assumption among westerners* that the Australian continent, though possessing undeniable riches in almost every other form, was relatively devoid of diamonds Since then, the Argyle diamond mine has produced more than 800 million carats of rough diamonds and is the largest supplier of coloured diamonds globally. 

Found in every colour and shade of the desert sunset, the most coveted of the Argyle diamonds are by far the beguiling pink diamonds. From soft roses through to intense pinks the colouring of these stones is so unique that experienced diamantaires can often identify the origin of the diamond by viewing the stone with the naked eye. The naturally occurring pink colours of Argyle pink diamonds are so vibrant that they are considered excellent investments, regardless of their size

With the Argyle diamond mine closing next year after nearly three decades of prolific supply, these precious stones will only become increasingly rare and coveted,  So, why not take this opportunity to get your hands on a veritable piece of Australian History and purchase a raffle ticket today. With all proceeds supporting the Mcgrath foundation, you’ll be directly helping those in need. 

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* Both the Gija and Mirriwung People, on whose land the argyle diamond mine sits,  have creation myths pertaining to the existence and births of these precious stones.

With 100%* of the proceeds going to the McGrath foundation, who fund the placement of much needed Breast Care Nurses in regional and metropolitan Australia, this is truly a cause to get behind.

Official authority to fundraise on behalf of the McGrath Foundation in Penrith.

  • Charity Activity: Pink Up Your Town
  • Event Date: 1/10/2019
  • Campaign End Date: 31/10/2019
  • Fundraising Reference Number PUYT00012698

*100% of your donation (minus the ticketing system fee of $1.50) will go directly to the McGrath Foundation upon completion of this campaign.