Much like Managing Director Douglas Ely, Mike’s passion for jewellery making was forged from family.

He was inspired to pursue the craft when witnessing the joy a homemade pendant brought his grandmother. The workmanship and love that was poured into the piece fascinated him, and he was forever enraptured by the process of turning raw materials into treasured heirlooms.

His natural curiosity, artistry, and craftsmanship saw him excel in a lengthy tenure as a professional jeweller, and he endeavours to build upon that experience as part of the York Jewellers team.

A natural artist, he has a flair for creating jewellery unlike anything else, and is constantly bolstering his repertoire with new, innovative techniques. While his talents may have developed over the years, the driving force behind his jewellery-making remains the same; seeing the smiles that the finished products bring.


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