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Douglas Ely Head Jeweller

Growing up in the workshop, Douglas Ely was surrounded by his father’s passion for the trade, witnessing the tangible beauty of jewellery-making. His family legacy would manifest into an unmatched eye-for-detail, not to mention an incredibly steady hand. And working with his hands was something Douglas had always enjoyed throughout his life. It was the idea of creating something from nothing, something so unique, that thrust him into a world of meaningful jewellery design. Each of his creations had a story to tell, and the custom handmade approach was his narrator. The sheer joy that’s handcrafted into each design makes for a truly special experience, and he’s rewarded by sharing his passion with his customers.

Being so meticulous means the perfection of Douglas Ely’s jewellery is never left to chance. And he’s had some extremely talented tradements to help develop his skill set; learning from his father and older brother, Matthew. He was also lucky enough to work as an apprentice alongside 10 or more qualified jewellers, soon after obtaining a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacturing.

Competitions helped push the boundaries of his creativity and craftsmanship, and a great number of his designs have been recognised by the industry. Individually, he took out the ‘Youth Award’ at the Local Business Awards in 2013, and the Showcase Jewellers ‘International Creative Design Award’ in 2014. In 2011 and 2013, Douglas was the winner of the NSW ‘WorldSkills’ competition, and runner-up of the national ‘WorldSkills’ competition in 2014. Winning a slew of international jewellery design awards bolstered his confidence and reputation, and his travels throughout Europe have had an unmistakable influence over his designs.

Douglas is a firm believer in creating pieces that look good from all angles, not just one. His signature aesthetic is fine-detail Filigree using traditional handmade methods to convey meaning. In order to tailor the bespoke experience to the customer, he applies design niches like family heirlooms, birthstones, engravings and lettering.