Oftentimes it’s the little things, like the moments we share with others, that move us beyond measure. The team at York Jewellers takes pride in celebrating each and every milestone with the people who enrich all of our lives. Our focus has never been on making a quick sale. Our business believes the value of our jewellery isn’t about the stone, the metal or the price tag, but about capturing those special moments in life and in love. This is why so many of our customers are loyal for life.

We hope to nurture future generations of jewellers by leading them onto something more profound, and more magnificent than ever. York Jewellers believes it is the trust we earn of our customers that has allowed us to become more than just a store; but rather, a community.

The Ely family of York Jewellers has been in the business of curating special moments for over 45 years. Robert, Helen, Matthew, and our leading jeweller of today, Douglas Ely, all share a greater purpose beyond profit. It’s a labour of love that extends further than the realms of ordinary jewellery-making.

The idea of owning a jewellery store first captured the imagination of a teenage Robert Ely while shopping with his mother. At the end of year 10, he set out to work in what was then called the ‘Western Suburbs Diamond Centre’ – and in 1985, the then 26-year-old bought the business from its original owner.

The business grew quickly, along with our glowing reputation, and it wasn’t long before we had established ourselves as Penrith’s best diamond and custom jewellery store.

It’s been a family affair from the very beginning, with Robert’s wife Helen, and all four of their sons having spent time working within the business. But today, it’s 27-year-old Douglas Ely who’s taken the creative reigns of what’s become Sydney’s best luxury jeweller. And he’s already earned himself a string of international awards for his original designs and handcrafted precision. Much like the rest of our York Jewellers community, Doug lives for life’s special moments.

With the launch of our brand new website, it’s York’s ambition to become Australia's best diamond and custom jeweller, with memories forever etched in the hearts of our community. 

Our Values

What sets our establishment apart from other jewellers within Australia and across the globe? We believe in unifying our craftsmanship and integrity in order to empower our local community. We’re seeking to connect with people in a way that’s lasting, by treating jewellery as an exchange of love that’s designed to be treasured.

York Jewellers has been giving back to our community for over 45 years. While we’re certainly passionate about giving back to each and every one of our clients, we also recognise the importance of celebrating the many inspiring and selfless individuals who’ve fallen on hard times – “diamonds in the rough” if you will. We firmly believe all businesses share a corporate social and ethical responsibility to look beyond their bottom-line.


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