Christmas Jewellery Gift Ideas the Whole Family Will Adore

A York Jeweller’s guide to surviving the silly season


As jewellers, we’re in the business of meaningful gestures. Needless to say, we know just how to tend to the hearts of the people we (not to mention our customers) love most. Whether it’s a little piece of history you’re looking for, or a bespoke design to encapsulate your loved one’s unique sense of character—York Jewellers has the perfect Christmas gift for each and every member of the family. Your loved ones deserve something exceptional this year—so add a little sparkle to the silly season with York Jewellers.


One-of-a-kind gift ideas for mum

Gifts as unique as a mother’s love

Sentimentality is the key to any loving mother’s heart. So naturally, jewellery that holds a special message is the ultimate way to show mum just how special she is. For the mum whose favourite pastime consists of watching old, romantic films, there’s nothing quite like a gift that’s rooted in glamour and tradition. This Christmas, treat mum to a pair of freshwater or Autore south sea pearl earrings. Infinity pendants are another way to thank mums for their eternal love. Otherwise, pieces that include their birthstone will be cherished for years to come.


Anything but ordinary gift ideas for dad

What to get for the man who has everything

Fathers have a tendency to gift themselves their various boy toys and gadgets throughout the year. It’s no wonder they’re the hardest ones to buy for at Christmas time. Buying jewellery for mum is, perhaps, a no-brainer. But dads, from all walks of life, also like to receive jewellery for Christmas. Be it a gentleman’s ring with an engraved personalisation or a stunning Swiss timepiece with an unmistakable sense of personality. What’s more is that your choice of gift will probably be something he hasn’t thought of buying for himself.


Something a little bit special for the kids

Eye spy a little something for the apple of your eye

Your special little someones will absolutely adore a gift that’s solely theirs forever. A charm bracelet is a gift that keeps on giving, and it can be added to for years to come. Kids will have fun with the idea of an item that represents their individual personality. Charms with their birthstone, favourite animal, or those related to the festive season will serve as a special reminder of your love. Give the gift of memories that will stay with them forever. Pendants and signet rings are another option for Santa’s little helpers, and there’s a whole range of playful designs to choose from.


Gifts of gratitude for the grandparents

Don’t forget the matriarchs and patriarchs of the family!


Wondering what to give the grandparents—other than giving them the kids to babysit while you shop? Grandparents are lot like glue. You don’t always see them, and their efforts to hold the family together often remain invisible. But we all know grandparents form the strongest family bonds of all. Without their unconditional love, kindness, patience, humour and wisdom, we’d be utterly lost.


We, at York Jewellers, understand just how important it is to reward grandparents for all their unsung heroics this Christmas. And you can celebrate the importance of family by gifting your grandmother a heart-shaped or family tree pendant or locket. Grandfathers would surely appreciate a gentleman's signet ring—it’ll remind him of just how thankful you are.


Romantic gift ideas for your partner or spouse

What the single greatest Christmas gift of all?

Diamonds… duh!


Forget jingle bells. At York Jewellers, we want to hear wedding bells at Christmas time. But in all seriousness, diamonds really are the shining stars of romantic holiday gestures. What better way to celebrate your enduring love than by popping the question among your closest friends and family over the festive season? The Christmas holidays will have your partner glowing, and the champagne will no doubt be be flowing. It’s the ultimate recipe for success!


But if proposals of the lifelong variety aren’t exactly on your radar, a stunningly intricate dress ring (like this morganite and diamond number) or a delicate pair of drop earrings, are both a surefire ways to steal the show this season. 


Two birds, one stone: stocking fillers that sparkle

Let’s not forget that anyone who spends $150 between now and Christmas Eve 2018 will go in the draw to win a share of over $23,000 of magnificent York jewellery. But the giving doesn’t just stop there. All entrants will score a free pair of sterling silver and cubic zirconia earrings. These are no ordinary stocking fillers! 

Still strapped for ideas? Turn your starry gaze towards our York Jewellers’ Christmas Catalogue delights—our wrap up of gifts for all kinds of budgets.