WIN the ‘Perfect Proposal’ with York Jewellers

*This competition has now closed*


Do you ever dream of being swept away in a castle-in-the-air helicopter ride over the harbour, announcing your love and future plans atop the Blue Mountains—all before celebrating with a romantic dinner and two-night stay at a charming resort with panoramic views?

So do we.

We all dream of being caught up in some whirlwind romance of epic, fairytale-like proportions.

What if your wildest dreams came true and York Jewellers gave you the proposal to upstage all proposals? 

What You Could Win

Image: Aerial view of Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains

Anyone who places a deposit on a custom-designed engagement ring or purchases their engagement ring with York Jewellers before the 31st of May will go into the draw to win a York Jewellers ‘Perfect Proposal’.

The lucky couple will enjoy:

  • A helicopter ride from Sydney Airport¹ to the Blue Mountains;
  • A custom ring design² and location experience with head jeweller Douglas Ely;
  • A two-night stay at Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains (romantic dinner included) and;
  • A limousine transfer back to Sydney Airport. 

How to Enter

For those who are nervous about choosing their partner’s engagement ring, there’s a solution guaranteed to transcend the average gesture—and it sure beats letting your partner choose their own ring. 


  1. Place a deposit on either an engagement ring from our showcase in-store OR a custom-designed engagement ring you’ve consulted with our team about;

  2. Answer questions during your appointment for automatic entry in the competition;

  3. Don’t let the secret slip!

    Can't decide on a design right now? No problem!

    If you can’t decide on a design you want, but would still like the chance to win the 'Perfect Proposal' for you and your partner;


    1. Book a phone appointment and answer all the necessary questions;

    2. Place a fully-refundable deposit on a custom engagement ring online. 

    How the Winner Will Be Announced

    We believe proposal discretion is of the utmost importance.

    The winner will:

    • Receive a phone call during their pre-determined “safe time to call” on the nominated day following the competition closure on May 31;
    • Not be announced publicly on social media or any other media until well after their perfect proposal moment;
    • Be able to accept or refuse photography/videography of the perfect proposal moment (this may be offered at York Jewellers’ discretion).

    The benefits of choosing a custom engagement ring

    We all want to impress our prospective fiancés with the perfect engagement ring. But choosing the stone, metals and the correct ring size is only half the battle. The expectations placed upon us to plan the surprise of an engagement ring is an extraordinary feat.

    So, guessing games and ring misfires aside—why not have your dream engagement ring custom designed right before your very eyes? A one-off ring that perfectly captures the essence of your relationship.

    In case you hadn’t noticed—we jewellers possess an unshakeable romantic streak. Our indulgence in decades of romance has led us to believe everyone deserves to get their happily ever after. If there was ever a perfect time to propose to the one you love, it’s now. All you have to do is make your next move.

    Terms and Conditions

    • Only one entry will be allocated per couple (names of both parties must be provided at the time of the jeweller appointment);
    • Competition entrants must:
      • Complete their phone or in-person appointment;
      • Answer all questions requested by the jeweller;
      • Place a $1,000 fully-refundable deposit on either an engagement ring from our showcase in-store OR a custom-designed engagement ring by one of our jewellers;
      • Confirm they wish to be contacted at a specific “safe time” by phone to receive confirmation they have won the competition.
    • Ring deposits will be:
      • Held until the competition has been drawn on the 1st of June 2019;
      • Held until the purchaser confirms the ring design is suitable and approved for jewellery making;
      • Only receive a full refund (100%) if the jeweller has not been given approval to commence making the ring.

    ¹ It is the winner’s responsibility to organise and cover any costs associated with arrival at Sydney Airport prior to or on-time as stipulated for helicopter ride take-off.
    ² Cost of ring not included. Ring design will comply with the budget value you specify in your in-person or phone appointment with the jeweller.