Wedding Rings For Men

Men haven’t always been spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding bands. Plain gold was long the norm, and while this classic look has undeniable charm, it meant few options were available to those seeking other metals or designs.

Thankfully times have changed. A whole plethora of diverse rings now cater to grooms of any style. From intricate patterns, to enrapturing diamonds, to traditional bands, there’s truly something for everyone. 

Being known for our unique designs, York Jewellers is proud to be at the forefront of this creative trend. Here you’ll find an exploration of our varied and handsome wedding rings for men. Note that they can all be customised to suit your preferred band width, gold colour, and carat.

Classic Men’s Wedding Rings

Classic Yellow Gold Wedding Ring - 5mm

Wedding Rings For MenThe traditional gold band is a classic for a reason. It’s a tasteful piece that embodies the precious yet enduring nature of love. 

An all-around people pleaser, its simple beauty allows the quality of the materials to shine. This example is 5mm, but these rings are available in a variety of different widths.

Classic White Gold or Platinum Wedding Ring - 4mm

classic wedding rings for menAs an alternative to the customary gold band, the silver tones of white gold or platinum are hard to beat. It’s little wonder why these metals are becoming increasingly popular - they complement most any look and project a refined sense of taste. The domed shape of these classic bands can be worn with comfort indefinitely.

White Gold and Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

Brushed & Polished Wedding Ring

brushed metal wedding ringThe brushed exterior of this ring sets off its otherwise understated features. Straightforward, timeless, and sophisticated, it’s perfect for those who appreciate subtlety.

Modern Men's Wedding Ring

men's wedding jewelleryThis wedding ring echoes the aesthetics of the above with one important twist - a striking recess around the outer band. This creates definition between the two finishes, allowing it to catch the eye without being overly flashy. 

Bold Men's Wedding Ring

polished wedding ringRobust, masculine, and prominent are just some of the words that spring to mind when viewing this pronounced brushed and polished band. The squared design helps convey a sense of strength and solidarity; two things you most certainly want in your marriage.

Channelled Men's Wedding Ring

wedding ring for gentsWith two wide channels running alongside the main centre band, there are few rings with quite the same impact as this prominent piece. Its unique features showcase well the brushed metal at its centre.

Balanced Men's Wedding Ring

wedding bands for menThe intriguing frame around the brushing and the squared edging of this ring serve as a notable points of difference. It delicately treads the line between classy and conspicuous.

Sophisticated Men's Wedding Ring

inscribed wedding bandsWith rounded edges and an unmistakable brushed and polished finish, this is a ring that appeals to contemporary sensibilities. The interior inscription visible in the product photo is a personal touch that can be added to any of our stunning bands. 

Yellow Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

Yellow Gold Brushed Men's Wedding Ring

yellow gold wedding ring for menThis is very much the inverse of the grooved designs found in aforementioned rings. In place of dual border recesses is a singular channel around the middle, affording this an identity all its own. 

Unique Men's Wedding Ring

unique wedding ringScreaming confidence and individuality, this ring simply commands attention. Its unapologetically bold design bears braided yellow and white gold in a symbol of the unifying nature of marriage.

Yellow & White Gold Men's Wedding Ring

yellow white gold wedding ringThose looking for the best of both worlds in their wedding ring would do well to consider this design. The brushed white gold sitting atop the inner yellow ring is undeniably unique, though elegant enough to stand the test of time.

Diamond Men’s Wedding Ring

Black Diamond Men's Wedding Ring

diamond wedding bandDiamonds and men’s wedding bands aren’t the most conventional pairing, but it’s hard to deny that they make a striking combo in this white gold and black diamond piece. It’s the perfect choice for fashion-forward recipients that like to forge their own path and stand out from the crowd.

Find The Perfect Wedding Band With York Jewellers

Along with the items listed here, York Jewellers produces a vast array of wedding jewellery bound to delight that special someone in your life. Explore our range online, or book an appointment with our friendly experts to organise a custom creation.

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