Engagement Ring Design Trends of 2018

...and the ones to look out for in 2019

So, you’ve decided to pop the question? Or perhaps there have been a few subtle hints getting around, and now you’re stepping up to the plate. 

Selected with love, for the one you love. Gearing up for your grand romantic gesture and finding the perfect engagement ring should be a particularly personal concept. But of course, trends will always come and go. And choosing an engagement ring that will not only stand the test of time, but appeal to the modern day woman, is no mean feat. But there are ways to navigate this minefield of diamonds and marriage proposals.

Just remember, the most important part of it all is that she says ‘yes!’


Art Deco-inspired

“...the perfect way to make your “grandiose” declaration of love.”

We all know romanticism has been a strong suit of the French since the Revolution. And so, it should come as no surprise that a quintessentially-French Art Deco engagement ring is the perfect way to make your “grandiose” declaration of love. Cinematic, “Gatsby-esque” pieces encompass a pastiche of conflicting styles. But these exuberant design features come together to form something truly magnificent that’s both modern and classic at the same time.

Think eye-catching geometric lines with a unique vintage flair, tied together with terrace-like emerald or asscher cut diamonds with baguettes. Yes, we know the French take their bread as seriously as they do romance. But we’re referring to the rectangular step cut diamonds that show off crisp flashes of light rather than sparkle. These rocks take us back to the ever-so-lavish Deco days, and would surely woo any bona fide literature or art history buff.


East-west settings

“...unconventional orientation…”

Styling your stones sideways is another way to pay homage to the Art Deco era. And the sky’s the limit when it comes to unconventional orientation. Chic brides-to-be are adorning everything from emerald and pear, to marquise and oval cut diamonds. Some stones are set across the finger instead of lengthways, while some have claws placed in non-traditional positions for an added point of difference (for example, north-east and south-west).


Oval cut

“Oval cut diamonds are the ideal choice for elongating short fingers…”

Oval cut stones are all the rage in 2018, with no signs of losing momentum. As a general rule of thumb, the waste from cutting is kept to a minimum, leaving you with an impressive diamond that’s also more affordable. Oval cut diamonds are the ideal choice for elongating short fingers, without being disproportionate. Consider a halo or classic, four-claw setting to make a truly elegant statement.



“...Meghan Markle’s sparkle isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.”

Perhaps you’d like to show your commitment with an allegory of love’s past, present and future – perhaps by way of a time-honoured trilogy ring? We have our royal darlings to thank for all the tri-stone hype as of late, and it appears Meghan Markle’s sparkle isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The central stone, and largest of the three, will remind your would-be fiancé of the importance of now.



“...creates the illusion of a much larger diamond...”

The angelic engagement ring trend that simply won't go away! The halo setting itself originated in the 1920s, but this resurgent classic is still winning the hearts of modern-day brides-to-be.

Hot tip: If the encircling halo diamonds are set nice and tightly around the centre stone, it creates the illusion of a much larger diamond – giving off a beautiful, feminine sparkle.

But going against the grain seems to be the biggest trend among millennials taking the plunge, and a clustered band is the essence of the untraditional. Cluster rings are designed with different sized diamonds placed artfully among a variety of other stones. This style of offers an organic, spontaneous choice for the free-spirited future wife.



“...a distinctive favourite for the sentimental belle.”

Assuming all doesn’t go pear-shaped (pardon the pun) prior to your proposal, a pear cut engagement ring is a time-honoured way into any romantic’s heart. A mix between an oval and marquise cut stone makes for a distinctive favourite for the sentimental belle.

But make no mistake, if not carefully proportioned, the stone can exhibit a ‘bowtie-like’ appearance. It would be wise to consult upon a respected jeweller when opting for any engagement ring, particularly for those pear cut beauties. Diamond halos or accents add an extra layer of sparkle for those who love to shine.


Rose gold

“Rose gold is for the pure at heart, but not for the faint.”

What better way to put a ring on the one you love than with a romantic, on-trend blush-hued baby? Rose gold is for the pure at heart, but not for the faint. With its antique warmth, rose gold suits just about any skin tone. It’s no wonder this charming setting is having a real moment in the bridal world. Your diamond-in-the-rough would surely dazzle with a divine diamond-set band. Or show her how much she means to you with a regal halo design that’s fit for a princess.


Coloured stones

“...saturating the bridal market with vibrant and varied hues.”

The newest stones on the block are giving jewellers a great deal more creative leeway. While many of us are still very much in love with the classic white diamond, there’s a trend that’s saturating the bridal market with vibrant and varied hues. Consumer demand for something truly unique has jewellers designing one-of-a-kind and bespoke engagement rings for a younger audience.

Everything from yellow diamonds, morganites and sapphires, to the even more unconventional tourmalines, emeralds, and rubies. The next gen of gems are often surrounded by smaller, white diamonds, for that daring pop of colour and welcome contrast. Coloured gemstones also present an opportunity to add a second metal colour into the ring – for example, morganite and rose gold, or yellow diamonds and yellow gold.


Minimalist solitaire rings

“Modern minimalists are saying ‘yes’ to less…”

This trend makes for a pretty and romantic way to declare your lifelong love. The oh-so-chic women of today are donning barely-there gold bands that twinkle with a single understated diamond. Modern minimalists are saying ‘yes’ to less with architecturally sleek designs and clean lines. A simple and tasteful engagement ring that will no doubt stand the test of time. Clients often choose this style to simply show off the diamond they select.


Buying an engagement will be among the most important purchases of your entire life. And designing a bespoke ring can be a daunting notion for those who haven’t the slightest idea of where to start.

But you could take your momentous next step with a real artisan, like Douglas Ely, who will guide you throughout the entire process – and we, at York Jewellers, live for those special moments.