How to Style Your Race Day Jewellery in 2018

Flemington's Melbourne Cup is a day of fascinators, frocks, frizzante, and of course, fine jewellery. But there’s an equally fine art to accessorising when it comes to a racecourse rendezvous. When pouring punters dress up to the nines, many will be toeing the line between delicate and lavish.

Make no mistake, putting together a chic ensemble without going overboard is a precarious thing. Restraint in the realm of costume jewellery is the key to stepping out onto the sidelines in style. But here’s where it gets even trickier; the rules of jewellery styling will differ depending on your character.

Being your individual self is important. And the jewellery you select will be far more poignant than any item of clothing you wear. Jewellery offers a glimpse into the mind of the adorned–an expression of memories and emotions alike. It’s why the custom handmade experience is proving second-to-none.

But from statement to stackable, dainty to elegant–here’s our York Jewellers guide to dazzling at the derby:



“...where do you want to direct people’s gaze?”

If entrances are your thing, and you’re the kind that’s drawn to standout prints, luxe fabric and a killer pair of earrings, this one’s for you. Think silk blouses and wide-leg pants. Statement pieces are all the rage this season, but there are certain rules you’ll need to follow when placing a bet that’ll pay off.

Be sure to consider the neckline of your attire. Ask yourself, ‘where do you want to direct people’s gaze?’ Remember, it’s not a statement piece if you’re wearing more than one of these items. So if your heart is set on a pair of statement earrings, don’t wear a necklace–and vice versa.



“...a really chic, yet subtle way of adding interest to your outfit.”

In the past, the rule was that if you’re going to stack your jewellery, you’d have to stick to one type of metal. Fact is, there are no more rules when it comes to layering. Fashion rules were made to be broken. And even if you thought you weren’t daring enough to mix prints or double up on denim, mixing metals is a really chic, yet subtle way of adding interest to your outfit. Layer rings, bracelets or necklaces for a bohemian bourgeois look that’s way ahead of those regular race-day punters. Don’t forget the boots!



“...the unofficial ode to the millennial era.”

While some like to go all out for an event like the spring races, others prefer to keep things simple and understated. Dainty jewellery comes from a family of minimalist pieces that fall anywhere between organic structures and geometric lines.

Dainty is a style of jewellery that suits the modern-day woman with a sophisticated quirk. And this simple trend has become the unofficial ode to the millennial era. The best part? With little to no effort, you’ve got yourself a tied-together trackside look for this year’s Melbourne Cup. Think petite pendants, stones or bands. Or perhaps a pair of lightweight earrings? Solitaire diamond or pearl studs are safe bet if you do opt for a necklace or pendant.



“...these eternal, old world design elements still have their charm.”

For the classic, ever-so-elegant woman, a true romantic at heart, anything but an opulent Holly Golightly-style entrance just won’t do. Timeless pieces pulled together with luxurious pearls and diamonds are the perfect way to encapsulate this inaugural occasion. The art deco jewellery movement has generated quite a bit of hype as of late. But it’s no wonder these eternal, old world design elements still have their charm. Go for gold with big, bold geometric lines and coloured gemstones. Or turn heads with a string of freshwater pearls to carry your LBD. This style of jewellery will complement any classic outfit–be it a sexy suit or sassy 50s a-line.

Race day is a uniquely formal occasion to express one’s sense of self. Which is why your quest for personalised pieces that pair perfectly with your outfit is so difficult. York Jewellers’ very own Douglas Ely is no novice when it comes to the art of accessorising.

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