Engagement Ring Designers in Sydney

In need of experienced, personable, and passionate engagement ring designers in Sydney? Look no further than the team at York Jewellers.

We take the time to understand your story and help you find the perfect ring (even if you’re not quite sure what that is).

Be it a dazzling showcase piece, a repurposed heirloom, or something entirely custom, we’re there for you every step of the way. Book an appointment today to discover what’s possible.

Our Sydney Engagement Ring Designers

Douglas Ely: Managing Director & Head Jeweller

Growing up in the workshop, Douglas Ely was surrounded by his father’s passion for the trade, witnessing the tangible beauty of jewellery-making. It was the idea of creating something from nothing, something so unique, that thrust him into a world of meaningful jewellery design. Each of his creations had a story to tell, and the custom handmade approach was his narrator. The sheer joy that’s handcrafted into each design makes for a truly special experience, and he’s rewarded by sharing his passion with his customers.

Douglas is a firm believer in creating pieces that look good from all angles, not just one. His signature aesthetic is fine-detail Filigree using traditional handmade methods to convey meaning. In order to tailor the bespoke experience to the customer, he applies design niches like family heirlooms, birthstones, engravings and lettering.

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Gabby Mulock: Jeweller and Designer

Beginning her jewellery career as Doug’s apprentice, Gabby swiftly found a love for making the intangible tangible.

Her studious pursuit of theoretical and practical jewellery making equipped her with a deep understanding of complementary materials and techniques. The truly remarkable pieces she now creates are only possible thanks to this wealth of knowledge and the many hours she’s spent in the York Jewellers workshop.

She’s passionate about people, and relishes the opportunity to be a part of our communities’ most treasured moments. Whether it’s a birthday, proposal, or wedding, her personable and insightful nature ensures clients always leave York with their perfect piece.

With her skills continuing to flourish, it’s exciting to see what Gabby’s creativity and design prowess will produce next.

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Mike Woodall: Jeweller and Designer

Much like Managing Director Douglas Ely, Mike’s passion for jewellery making was forged from family.

He was inspired to pursue the craft when witnessing the joy a homemade pendant brought his grandmother. The workmanship and love that was poured into the piece fascinated him, and he was forever enraptured by the process of turning raw materials into treasured heirlooms.

His natural curiosity, artistry, and craftsmanship saw him excel in a lengthy tenure as a professional jeweller, and he endeavours to build upon that experience as part of the York Jewellers team.

A natural artist, he has a flair for creating jewellery unlike anything else, and is constantly bolstering his repertoire with new, innovative techniques. While his talents may have developed over the years, the driving force behind his jewellery-making remains the same; seeing the smiles that the finished products bring.

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Bianca Chiappetta: Jeweller and Designer

What first strikes you when meeting Bianca is her genuine love for jewellery.

For years she’s been captivated by the process of designing and crafting all manner of beautiful pieces. It’s this passion and eye-for-detail that has seen her earn numerous academic and professional accolades, along with glowing praise from clients.

Bianca finds joy in not only fulfilling, but exceeding expectations. Whether it's restoring existing jewellery, reworking a design, or crafting something entirely new, she always takes the time to get to know clients so she can express their unique story and vision in her works. The appreciation she receives in return is what motivates and drives her.

When asked about the future, Bianca said that she sees herself building a reputation in the York Jewellers community so that people think of her when looking to create something special for milestones or celebrations.

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