Engagement Ring Love Stories 2022

In the jewellery business, being a part of clients’ most intimate and treasured moments comes with the territory. It’s something York takes great pride in, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve had the honour of elevating countless engagements beyond the ordinary through our exquisite designs and personalised service.

The past 12 months were no different. Despite the various challenges that presented themselves, our team has remained committed to providing the utmost in-person and virtual service. By truly getting to understand our clients, we’ve been able to craft stunning, meaningful jewellery that they can treasure for the rest of their lives.

When we see the fruits of this dedication in the form of smiles, stories, and gratitude, it further inspires the art we create. These heart-warming moments are simply too precious to keep to ourselves, and so over the coming weeks we’d like to share some with you through our Engagement Love Stories series.

As we update this blog, you’ll witness some of our clients’ tear-jerking tales, gain some insight to the ring buying process, and might even pick up an idea or two for your own engagement.

Be sure to also read last year’s stories, and peruse our extensive range of engagement jewellery via the links below.


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Neyha and Ben - An Effortless Connection

Love can be many things - exciting, confusing, elusive, and to a select few, easy.

With their love blossoming effortlessly from the moment they met, ‘easy’ is exactly how newly-engaged couple Neyha and Ben describe their relationship.

They fell into each other's lives by happenstance when a camping trip amongst mutual friends was being organised. Despite these plans eventually falling through, Ben was smitten, and asked for Neyha’s number.

While Ben lived in Sydney and Neyha Coffs Harbour, a mid-way rendezvous confirmed that no amount of physical distance could quell the growing feelings they had for one another.

The pair met in Forster after only a couple of weeks of conversing (on Valentine’s Day, no less). It was from this moment that everything clicked into place.

“Honestly, it's just been so easy with Ben,” Neyha confessed. “I've never felt so happy, even during the long distance stage.”

Though they managed well the challenges of living apart, they were destined to be together on a more regular basis.

“Ben had to travel up, I had to travel down. Six hours [of travel] can be tricky to organise over a weekend to see each other,” Neyha said.

“I never wanted to leave Coffs Harbour, but I pretty much knew Ben was the one when I was like, ‘Okay, I could move to Sydney’. That was a big thing for a small town girl. I was like, ‘Okay, I could do this. Definitely for Ben’”.

“I knew she was the one when she moved down here,” explained Ben. “She gets along with my mates, I get along with her friends. Our families all get along.”

“It wasn’t hard. We weren't working to make it happen. It just worked.”

Becoming closer with each other than ever before, both physically and emotionally, it didn’t take long before the topic of proposal came to the fore (thanks to a little encouragement from Neyha).

“I would joke and say ‘Come on mate, I moved down here, where's my ring?’ and Ben would say ‘Yeah, yeah, it's coming, it's coming’,” Neyha laughed.

With the help of Neyha’s close friend, and her jewellery-laden Pinterest board, Ben approached Doug and the team at York Jewellers to devise the perfect ring for his adoring partner.

“From the initial discussion to finalising the design, everything was so easy with York,” said Ben.

“It’s like he reads your mind. You start talking about what you want to do, and the next minute he’s got what you want in front of you.”

Armed with the stunning pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, Ben got down on one knee and popped the question on a long-awaited trip away for Neyha’s birthday.

The proposal completely caught Neyha by surprise, and elicited an emphatic “Yes!”.

Since then, they’ve returned to York to select their wedding bands.

“If a friend was asking me where to go and why, I'd put him straight to York,” Ben said.

“Doug was awesome, the other staff were awesome, everyone was easy to deal with. Simple as that.”


Maddi and Lachlan - A Love Rekindled

It’s not often you get a second chance at a missed connection, but for young couple Maddi and Lachlan, that’s exactly what happened.

“We met through friends a few years ago and started talking, but it didn’t really work out at the time,” explained Lachlan.

“After going our separate ways and delving in and out of other relationships, we were fortunate enough to find our way back to each other.”

With fate guiding their paths together, it didn’t take long for their spark to be rekindled.

“I knew she was the one pretty much straight away. It was completely different to my past relationships, and I was a lot more content. It just felt right,” confessed Lachlan.

As their love blossomed, Maddi soon found herself sharing Lachlan’s sentiment.

“For me, it wasn't much later, probably just a few weeks in. I had a couple of really bad nights, and Lachlan was always there for me. That’s when I realised ‘He’s the one for me’”.

Certain that they wanted to spend their lives together, Maddi had her ‘eyes on the prize’ when it came to the proposal.

“I didn't really have a choice in most of it. Maddi pretty much gave me the idea for the ring, she gave me the day that she wanted it done, she gave me the day that she wanted to get married. I just had to be there on the day and have the ring,” laughed Lachlan.

“Well, you can’t blame a girl for knowing what she wants,” joked Maddi.

Armed with a general plan for the proposal and the jewellery he needed to pull it off, Lachlan turned to York’s own Douglas Ely, who just so happened to be a former classmate of his.

“Doug created my brother's engagement ring and I've known him for a long time, so he was the first one I turned to.”

“Having that initial consultation with him, learning about different ring cuts, different styles, and all the other design aspects we could customise was a big help in coming up with the perfect engagement ring."

“He went through the process step-by-step and helped me understand the more intricate things, like engravings and diamonds on the inside of the ring. I think that care and attention to detail really makes the difference.”

When it came time to actually get down on one knee and pop the question, their efforts to refine the ring paid off, and helped secure that all-important “Yes!”.

“I said to Lachlan on the day, ‘I couldn't have picked the ring better myself’. It was perfect, it was exactly what I wanted without being too much”.