York Jewellers' Stunning New Engagement Ring Collections

Finding the perfect diamond engagement ring is no easy feat. There are a lot of variables to consider: the metal, the band, the setting, the stone, the cut, and the price just to name a few.

For many people, buying an engagement ring may be their first foray into the world of jewellery purchases and with so many beautiful designs available today, the process can seem a little overwhelming.

However, with the introduction of their stunning new diamond engagement ring collections, York Jewellers in Penrith – west of Sydney – have made finding the perfect ring easier than ever before.

Designed by head jeweller Douglas Ely, these five collections are truly incredible, each design and ode to romance and luxury. Hand-crafted with love and precision, the rings vary from stunningly simple and elegant designs to more detailed, intricate and ornate pieces, resplendent with diamonds.

With five distinct collections available in a range of different metals, diamond sizes and gradings, York Jewellers can help you find a ring truly worthy of your beloved. 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look.


Chloe Collection

 The embodiment of elegant simplicity, the rings in York’s Chloe Collection owe their beauty to their purity of form. Set serenely in a six-claw setting atop an elegant rounded, band, Chloe’s solitaire diamond is free to capture as much light as possible resulting in what is an inimitable and truly stunning sparkle. Available in 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold.  View Prices.


Angelina Collection

Luxuriant, bold and elegant, the head-turning rings in the Angelina collection feature a beautiful diamond set band accentuates it's bright, brilliant-cut diamond set in a white-gold four-claw setting. Available in 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold. View Prices.

Ashley Collection

As with the rings in the Chloe collection, Ashley engagement rings are works of understated elegance and pure beauty. Set securely in a six-claw setting worked in white gold, Ashley's brilliant-cut diamonds, shine with an inner fire. Available in 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold. View Prices.


Gabriella Collection

Featuring brilliant-cut diamond in a six claw setting and a band set with beautiful diamonds, York's 'Gabriela' Engagement Ring is truly stunning. Intricate in design, the components work seamlessly together, creating a truly spectacular piece of jewellery. Set in a four-claw white gold setting, Gabriella's brilliant-cut diamond shines beautifully bright. Available in 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold. View Prices.



This stunning engagement ring features a diamond set band and diamond halo that work harmoniously together to accentuate the centre stone, a brilliant-cut diamond available in a variety of carats and certifications. Available in 18ct white, yellow, and rose gold. View Prices.

Payment Solutions

Here, at York Jewellers, we believe that some things just can't wait and limited financial flexibility should never stand in the way of life's special moments.

There are times in life that deserve to be celebrated—and no one should have to compromise or miss out. For that reason, we've organised a range of payment solutions withinterest-free options to accommodate different preferences. You can view our range of payment solutions, here.

Looking for something with a different stone?

While diamonds maybe be some people's best friends, they aren't for everyone. As well as a beguiling collection of coloured diamonds, York Jewellers have avast and beautiful range of coloured stone engagement rings featuring everything from Aquamarines, sapphires, and amethysts to rubies, morganites and emeralds. Browse the collection, here.