Engagement Rings For Every Personality

In many ways, jewellery can be thought of as an extension of the wearer. Not only does it communicate their style to the world, but it also symbolises their commitment to a loved one, their values, and even their legacy.

With this in mind, it can be difficult to choose a piece that perfectly pairs with the recipient. To help ensure your chosen diamond engagement ring is one your partner (or you) will treasure forever, here’s a breakdown of York Jewellers’ bedazzling collections, and the personality types they best complement.

Madison - Pear Shape Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band

pear shaped engagement ring

One of the latest additions to the York jewellers family, the Madison collection proves that ‘going pear shaped’ is far from a negative when it comes to engagement rings. 

Boasting a breathtaking pear shaped diamond framed by an 18 carat white gold diamond set halo, this eye-catching design is perfect for those that like to stand out from the crowd.

Harper - Oval Shape Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band 

diamond engagement rings

Refined, elegant, sophisticated. These are some of the words that spring to mind when viewing York Jewellers’ Harper collection.

A timeless design that allows the stunning diamond to take centre stage, lovers of the classics will appreciate the effortless style embodied by these rings.

Claire - Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band

engagement rings sydney

Anyone who tackles life with a bold, go-getter attitude will instantly find accord with the Claire collection.

Proudly showcasing a cushion-cut diamond amongst an 18 carat white gold halo, this style deftly treads the line between daring and majestic.

Laura - Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band

engagement rings

Laura in White Gold Laura in Rose Gold Laura in Yellow Gold


Available in either white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold, the Laura collection is a people-pleaser ideal for those that want it all.

Whichever metal it finds itself set onto, the round-brilliant cut diamond is one that will be met with delight by even the most indecisive recipient. 

Ashley - Round Brilliant Cut Four Claw Set Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

brilliant cut diamond ring

Ashley in White Gold Ashley in Rose Gold Ashley in Yellow Gold


A more understated member of the York family, Ashley will captivate anyone who finds beauty in simplicity.

The organic four claw setting presents a single brilliant cut diamond, resulting in a focal point as enrapturing as it is graceful. 

Chloe - Round Brilliant Cut Six Claw Set Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

solitaire diamond engagement ring

Chloe in White Gold Chloe in Rose Gold Chloe in Yellow Gold


Built upon a strong sense of tradition, the purity of the Chloe collection ensures that it can be enjoyed by wearers of diverse tastes.

Its white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold variants offer a contemporary twist on the conventions of yesteryear.

Gabriela - Round Brilliant Cut Six Claw Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band

round diamond engagement ring

Gabriela in White Gold Gabriela in Rose Gold


Featuring a brilliant cut diamond in a six claw setting, and a band set with beautiful diamonds, the Gabriela naturally draws admiration from those around it.

Sleek yet striking, conspicuous yet chic, this collection captures well the heady mix of self-confidence and intrigue that many find so alluring.

Angelina - Round Brilliant Cut Four Claw Set Diamond Engagement Ring with Diamond Set Band

diamond band engagement ring

Angelina in White Gold Angelina in Rose Gold Angelina in Yellow Gold


Boasting a four claw-set brilliant cut diamond, the Angelina collection is perfect for those with an adventurous sense of style.

Undeniably beautiful, these rings evoke a spirited, lively, and playful energy. Yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold options are available from York Jewellers.

Olivia - Oval Shape Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

oval engagement ring

The straightforward guise of the Olivia collection belies the subtle artistry that is revealed upon closer inspection.

Blending a charm both old-world and contemporary, the Olivia appeals to those who appreciate the finer things in life, without being too ostentatious.

The Engagement Ring Selection Process

Once you’ve viewed our diamond engagement rings, and selected the most appropriate for the wearer, the process to bring it to life is simple.

  • Firstly, select the size (or carat) you would like the jewel to be. Note that higher carat options increase the cost of the overall product.
  • Next, choose the certification you would like. Each jewellery piece receives either a York Certification, or GIA Certification. All diamonds in the York Certified range have been hand chosen for their inimitable quality and come with a certification card, while GIA Certified Diamonds are of superlative quality and come accompanied by a comprehensive grading certificate recognised around the world.
  • Finally, let York Jewellers know your desired ring size. If you need help determining your partner’s ring size, click here

Looking For Something Different?

While diamonds may be some people's best friends, they aren't for everyone. As well as a beguiling collection of diamonds, York Jewellers have a vast range of coloured stone alternatives. Find aquamarines, sapphires, amethysts, rubies, morganites and emeralds here.

Of course, you can always book an appointment with one of our experienced designers if you would like a custom piece of jewellery.