6 Reasons to Invest in High Jewellery

The 2020’s may have gotten off to a rough start, but that doesn’t mean we can’t now embrace the glitz, glamour, and opulence that defined the “Roaring 20s” of the 1900s.

In an era renowned for its style and sophistication there was one way to truly stand out from the crowd - and that’s with a piece of stunning high jewellery. Times may have changed since then, but the ability of these designs to draw attention, admiration, and even envy certainly has not.

In addition to dazzling friends, family, and strangers, there are a myriad of other reasons why discerning buyers are now clamouring to get their hands on such pieces. Here are just six of the most compelling reasons why investing in high jewellery is a must.

They're Works of Art

York Jewellers

Thanks to their intricate attention to detail, high jewellery makes for enrapturing showpieces both on and off your person. 

Whether it’s displayed proudly in a frame, on a bust, or elsewhere in your home, this type of jewellery is guaranteed to become an unmissable focal point for years to come.

They Set Off That Special Event

High jewellery

Given as a generous gift, they help commemorate an important milestone or event in a way that’ll be treasured eternally. Worn on such an occasion, they serve as a talking point that’ll have you mingling elegantly with most any party-goer.

They Add Undeniable Flair to Weddings

Wedding Jewellery

What better way to complete a wedding ensemble than with a beguiling piece of high jewellery? 

Guests will be left (even more) stunned when the bride enters donning this breathtaking accoutrement, but be wary when wearing it as an attendee, as ‘showing up’ the happy couple is a very real possibility.

They Complete Cocktail Party Attire

Fine Jewellery

Gatsby won’t seem quite so great in comparison to when you sport high jewellery at your next cocktail party, black tie event, or ball. Complementing formal wear like cheese complements a fine wine, your unforgettable necklace, bracelet, or ring will all but confirm ‘belle’ status.

They’re Incredible Heirlooms

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These staggering pieces make for hand-me-downs that never disappoint. Encapsulating a blend of both modern style and timeless elegance, they’re the perfect keepsake to ensure your memory is treasured by future generations. 

They’re a Prudent Investment Opportunity

Jewellery Investment

With rare metals, bold yet elegant designs, and gems of seldom-seen quality, high jewellery can certainly make for a wise investment. This rings particularly true for pieces that feature pink diamonds, which are set to become a hotly-contested commodity following the closure of the Western Australian pink diamond mine late last year.*

If the idea of owning exquisite jewellery has piqued your interest, York Jewellers’ French Collection Event is perfect for you. Taking place on Thursday the 15th of June, we will be welcoming connoisseurs in-store to view and purchase from a unique range of high jewellery designs. Join us at your leisure from 10am, or make a booking with one of our experienced jewellers for a private viewing.





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