Pink Diamond Investing

Flirtatious, feminine and fascinating. What more could you ask for in a precious stone and investment choice? 

Equally seductive and rare in beauty, pink diamonds offer the framework to deliver market-leading advances anticipated throughout the next decade and beyond. 

The immersive experience of a pink diamond viewing is unlike any other. From one captivating sparkle to the other, the contagious essence of a pink diamond makes you wonder how any other treasure could ever take its place in your heart. Much like a first love, a pink diamond is irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind, sacred. 

Blush 'Lucy' Diamond Cluster Flower Stud Earrings 


Though the world has changed and various industries have slowed down in pace the coloured stone market has continued to thrive. General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Rio Tinto’s diamond business was quoted as saying that; 

“We (Rio Tinto) are delighted with the results of the 2020 Pink Diamonds Tender, a testament to the unique ore body and its place in the history of the world’s most famous diamonds.”  

As Rio Tinto has pointed out, ongoing speculation that prices for coloured diamonds included in last year’s market Tender saw an increase of almost 20%. To our greatest delight, this is far higher than the returns delivered by most traditional asset classes in previous years. 



Naturally, our Pink Diamond conissiour clients are thrilled. Not only have their investments increased in value now that the Diamond Mine has closed, but it has allowed us to host the very last exclusive Pink Diamond event.


Ranging from $1,0000 to $10,000, these beautiful stones, carefully curated by our own gemological team and jewellery designers, are delicately produced to suit any taste or budget.

We invite you to join us in-store for a glass of bubbles and an exclusive viewing of  Pink diamonds at York Jewellers. 

Please call (02) 4721 0780 to RSVP to our exclusive in-store event to peruse through the variety of highly coveted diamonds we will have showcased. 

Private Viewings Available By Appointment