Father's Day Competition 2019: Win Time for Dad

*This competition has now closed*

Win Your Dad A Brand New Ingersoll Watch

This Father’s Day, York Jewellers are giving away an incredibly classy Grafton watch by Ingersoll. One of the oldest and perhaps most well-respected watch companies in America, Ingersoll watches have adorned the wrists of some truly notable men, President Theodore Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, and Walt  Disney, just to name a few.

Possessing true class and inimitable charm, the Grafton is a watch of superlative quality, a classic time-piece that any man would be proud to call his own. Strong, scratch-resistant and waterproof up to a depth of 40 metres, the hard-wearing and versatile Grafton is suitable for even the most gregarious adventurer. Sleek and refined it is the embodiment of sophistication, the perfect accessory for the modern gentleman.   

Imagine the look on your dad’s face this Fathers Day as he slips his brand new Ingersoll Grafton onto his wrist. Then, imagine telling him how you got.

Entering a competition has never been easier – or sweeter. 

To enter the York’s Time For Dad competition, all you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:

1 - Upload a photo or story of your dad to your Instagram profile

2 – Use the hashtag #timefordad 

3 - Tag York Jewellers – oh, and don’t be afraid to tell us why you think your dad deserves a new Ingersoll watch, too. 

The competition will be drawn on September 2nd, and the lucky winner will be notified via Instagram. See below for the terms and conditions. 

About Ingersoll Watches –‘THE TRUE ORIGINAL’ : 

Sometimes it can feel like we’re living in an era besotted with newness. Within months of their anticipated release, fashion items, technology and a myriad sparkly products are forsaken for what seems like an endless stream of superseding usurpers. In this fast, cut-throat market place, it can appear that objects just aren't built to last anymore, and if they are, they become quickly outdated, their longevity equating to obselation in the eyes of the masses. 

Thankfully, following the latest trends is not a consumer’s only option. For the discerning buyer, it is often not the latest fandangle item on the market that is the most enticing option, but the timeless classic, the proud and venerable staying power, that holds the most appeal. Here at York Jewellers, we believe that timeless design trumps newness any day of the week, a sentiment manifested in our elegant collection of Ingersoll watches. 

Founded in 1892 by Robert H Ingersoll and his brother Charles, the Ingersoll Watch Company is among the oldest and most renowned in America, possessing a rich and inspiring history. Pioneers in their industry, the Ingersoll brothers followed a simple and admirable mission: to offer their watches to the general public at an affordable price, whilst maintaining real quality and credibility.

Initially, each Ingersoll watch was produced by hand in the New York Factory, but thanks to the brilliance of Henry Ford, Ingersoll succeeded in developing a seamless production line for their pocket and wrist watches, bringing a once unachievable item to the general American public

To this day, the Ingersoll Watch Company continues to grow, striving to meet the customer's demand. Over their long history, Ingersoll have proven to be forward thinking watch manufacturers, developing the following notable innovations:

  • The smallest existing pocket watch.
  • ‘RADIOLITE’: the world's first glow in the dark watch.
  • The first ever military watch, which was designed with the involvement of the armed forces.
  • The first character watch, which was commissioned by Disney to feature Mickey Mouse.

Ingersoll watches have been sold continuously since their inception and today the Ingersoll brand is renowned the world over. Ingersoll continues to maintain the ethos of the Ingersoll brothers and is proud to present a new range of quality, precision timepieces of which the Grafton is exemplary. So, what are you waiting for enter the Time For Dad competition, today, for the chance to win your dad a Father's Day gift he'll never forget. 

Competition Terms & Conditions

  1. Giveaway Not Sponsored, Endorsed Or Associated With Instagram
  2. Australian Applicants Only
  3. Winner To Be Contacted On May 2nd to Arrange Pickup/Delivery
  4. Only Applicants With Public Profiles are Eligible To Win