Custom Wedding Jewellery by York


At York Jewellers, we believe that no two romantic relationships are the same and that wedding jewellery should be personal, meaningful, and sentimental. Having been in the Jewellery trade for almost 50 years, we’ve seen how every couple has their own story – a set of shared experiences, values and dreams that make them truly unique

These days, it seems to have become rather commonplace for couples to purchase off-the-shelf matrimonial jewellery (engagement rings and wedding bands). Now, while off-the-shelf jewellery is in by no means a bad option – there are some truly stunning designs on the market – it is worth remembering that is not the only option. 

Douglass Ely, York’s head Jeweller, creating a custom engagement ring in the Sydney workshop.

Able to capture the unique nature of an individual’s personality or a couple’s special dynamism, custom jewellery is becoming an increasingly popular option for couples wanting wedding jewellery that is truly unique and reflective of who they are as a couple. 

Though historically a cultural and religious institution, marriage has, for the most part, become a personal and secular decision, one meaning completely different things to different people. It makes sense then that couples are wanting their wedding jewellery, the only tangible symbols of their commitment to one another, to carry personal significance and memory. 

Designed for the beautiful Hannah and Josh, this stunning engagement ring by Head Jeweller Douglass Ely is exemplary of York’s inimitable custom designs. 

Offering free design consultations from their workshop, York Jewellers in Penrith work closely with couples to create personalised jewellery that is not only beautiful and unique but full of poignant meaning and sentimentality – qualities that are not innately present in off-the-shelf designs that are usually made by the hundreds. 

Able to seamlessly translate the qualities that make each couple special and unique into their craft, York Jeweller’s produce personalised jewellery that is truly one of a kind. Taking the time to get to know their clients, they deliver a finished product that is a true reflection of the individual or couple’s desires.

A stunning tear-drop  engagement ring by Douglas Ely for a New York wedding

For over 45 years now, The Ely family have been supplying their local community and the greater Sydney area with exceptional customer service and stunning hand-made jewellery. Known for the inimitable quality and divine beauty of their custom engagement and wedding rings – receiving multiple international awards for their designs –, York has become somewhat of an institution in Western Sydney, their brand synonymous with romance and sophistication. The jewellers’ skill is evident in every piece of York jewellery. Though, it is perhaps their custom designs that shine the brightest.

For those searching for beautiful wedding jewellery, ripe with meaning and personality, why not discuss your ideas with one of our designers during an obligation-free design consultation. To book, visit our York Jewellers Penrith store or book an appointment online.

Contrary to popular belief, custom jewellery does not have to be exorbitantly expensive. In fact, York’s head jeweller Douglas Ely and his team believe in a purpose beyond profit; theirs is a labour of love that extends further than the realms of ordinary jewellery-making. Choosing to go with a custom design at York enables couples to work within a precise budget because York Jewellers believe that the beauty of jewellery isn’t reflected in the stone, the metal or the price tag, but in a piece’s ability to capture the special moments in life and in love.