Meet York's Design Team

Behind every piece of custom York jewellery, there is a story – a unique and textured history that lends itself to the beauty and beguile of each and every creation. This intangible element – coupled with the jeweller’s skill and use of superlative materials – elevates York’s custom jewellery from the status of pretty adornments to that of cherished heirlooms. 

Since 1974, the craftsmen and craftswomen who've filled York’s windows with astonishing works of art have supplied their local community not only with beautiful jewellery but powerful and emotional memories, too.

Working for years to perfect their trade, each jeweller in York’s Sydney workshop creates jewellery that is exemplary of their individual style and nuanced mastery of their art. The finished works stand as a testament to York’s devotion to excellence and uncompromising precision. 

Lead by Douglas Ely - who has taken the creative reigns from his father and York’s founder Robert Ely – the design team at York pride themselves on their ability to translate their client's needs and desires into truely beautiful custom jewellery. 

For those searching for jewellery ripe with meaning and personality, Yorks custom jewellery offers degrees of sentimentality that off-the-shelf purchases just can't match.

So if you're chasing something special, why not discuss your ideas with one of our designers during an obligation-free design consultation. To book, just visit our York Jewellers Penrith store or book an appointment online.

But before you do, read on to meet our Amazing design team:

Douglas Ely:

Growing up in the York workshop, Douglas Ely inherited his father’s passion for the trade early in life. And through him, the Ely family legacy found a way to manifest itself into an unmatched eye-for-detail and absolute devotion to excellence.

Working with his hands was something Douglas has always enjoyed. Enticed by the idea of creating something beautiful from nothing, Douglass dove into the world of jewellery design headfirst, honing and perfecting his design skills each and every day. 

Douglas’ designs have piqued international interest and garnered a slew of industry awards. As a young man, he took out the ‘Youth Award’ at the Local Business Awards in 2013, and the Showcase Jewellers ‘International Creative Design Award’ in 2014. In 2011 and 2013, Douglas was the winner of the NSW ‘WorldSkills’ competition and runner-up of the national ‘WorldSkills’ competition in 2014. His travels through Europe have had an unmistakable influence over his designs.

Douglas is a firm believer in creating pieces that look good from all angles, not just one. His signature aesthetic is fine-detail Filigree using traditional handmade methods to convey meaning. In order to tailor the bespoke experience to the customer, he applies design niches like family heirlooms, birthstones, engravings and lettering.

Brianna Clark:

As a woman in possession of a brilliant creative streak and passion for working with her hands, Brianna Clark found her raison d’être in the jeweller’s workshop. Enthralled by the process of jewellery design, Brianna sought to know everything there was to know about the trade. 

With a desire to expand her knowledge of the craft, Brianna went on to complete a Diploma of Gemmology from the Gemmological Association of Australia. She then obtained a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture which saw her win the ‘People’s Choice Award’ for her cohort. Heeding her three pillars of Precision, Quality and Beauty, Brianna was the proud recipient of Rotary’s ‘Pride of Workmanship’ award for 2018.

Her unique designer's perspective and inimitable flair have enabled her to work a rare sense of beauty into pieces which accurately reflect the vision and personality of the customer. An heirloom to be treasured forever.

Sue Soury:

For Jewellery Designer Sue Soury, every piece of jewellery has a story. Sue sees the beauty of nature in her creations, like the recipients of those precious natural stones. Each piece is a constant reminder to Sue of the fondness she has for fulfilling her customers’ dreams. It was the idea of making the customer feel warm, beautiful and special, that pulled her into the world jewellery design.

Sue started out as a Junior Sales Assistant who was eager to develop her skills and passion for the craft. For 38 years, she would train alongside other master jewellers, before drawing and creating her own signature bespoke pieces. Sue’s designs are inspired by the very passions of her customers or the intended wearer, with varied styles to suit their varied tastes.

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