Walking Down the Aisle in Style

The perfect wedding jewellery for the perfect day

Every couple looks forward to tying the knot, anticipating the most magical day of their lives. One way to carry your wedding day with you forever, is to capture each moment through some very special jewellery. Here’s our guide to selecting the heartfelt pieces you’ll carry into the next chapter of your lives:

‘I do’

It kind of goes without saying. The most important wedding day jewellery will be your wedding rings. Your wedding rings will be the only tangible mementos from your special day. Not only will you have these rings forever, but you’ll also see them everyday and wear them constantly. For this reason, it’s essential that you select rings that will stand the test of time. Important selection factors include choosing strong, durable metals, and ensuring your rings are made well made and properly fitted.

Diamonds: a bride’s best friend

Once the wedding rings are taken care of, there are boundless options when it comes to the remainder of your bridal jewellery. Brides will often look for pieces that work well with their dress, are timeless, and perfectly capture their sense of style. Diamonds are the perfect accompaniment to any wedding ensemble. They are eternal, classic, and their sparkle is a stunning reflection of a teary-eyed bride and groom. Diamonds are also available in an unlimited range of pieces that can be worn on the day, and on any occasion for years to come. Pearls are another classic option, with anything from a strand to a bracelet, or the perfect earrings for a beautiful bridal touch.

It’s the little things that count

As a bride or groom, you have the option to choose jewellery as a gift for your partner, parents and bridal party. For the gentlemen, watches are the most popular pieces for the occasion; making great gifts for fathers, in-laws or groomsmen. A good watch adds finesse to any fine suit, lasting a lifetime and for countless future occasions. Other details include tie pins and cufflinks, with each piece playing an important role on the day. For the bridal party, the options are endless. Consider a pendant and earring set for each bridesmaid for elegance and continuity.

For the proud mums, coloured gemstones are a popular choice. Gemstones come in rich colour variations that allow for the perfect outfit pairing. They are also precious stones which offer longevity, making them the perfect keepsake for any milestone occasion.

At York Jewellers, we live for those special moments. Come in and allow our expert team to help you choose the perfect jewellery for your wedding day.