Your Guide to the Perfect Anniversary Gift


How to celebrate each year like it were your very first 

Every wedding anniversary is a milestone. Each year is an opportunity to celebrate your love and commemorate your life together. You have a chance to reflect on your beloved memories and to celebrate all the things you love about your spouse. The perfect way to mark your anniversary is with a timeless gift that accurately represents your life and, more importantly, your future together.

But navigating a minefield of diamonds can be a challenge when you’re unsure of the meaning behind each piece. So, which stone or precious metal best reflects your milestone year? Let us guide you through the many traditions of anniversary gift-giving.


The first of many

Wedding anniversaries usually involve the exchange of a traditional gift that acts as a symbol of your marriage. The first wedding anniversary gift option is gold. As one of the most precious natural materials on earth, gold is the perfect reminder of the nature of your relationship. Gold is a staple in jewellery and can be worked in myriad of ways. One of the most meaningful gift ideas for a first anniversary is a gold eternity band. The eternity band is given to complete the symbol of your wedding ring set. The incorporation of gold ensures durability and timelessness.

A decade later

Within the first decade of your marriage, the traditional anniversary gifts include blue topaz, jade, garnet and tourmaline. These semi-precious gemstones come in an array of vivid hues, allowing limitless options for your perfect gift. The attraction of these gems is that their naturally occurring differences, including colour variation, shape and size, allow you to choose a unique gift that perfectly encapsulates your partner and your relationship. These gemstones can be donned with gifts like dress rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

A lifelong love

The more momentous anniversaries include the ‘Silver Anniversary’ for 25 years, pearl for 30 years, ruby, sapphire, emerald and finally, the Diamond Jubilee for your 60th anniversary. As you reach these extraordinary milestones, the precious nature of the traditional gifts become more significant, with many more factors involved in your purchase decision. Ideally, you’ll be looking for gemstones that formed naturally, with minimal inclusions. These elements guarantee the rarity and uniqueness of your jewellery, much like your unwavering love.

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