York Helps Celebrate the 2022 Nepean Nurse and Midwife of the Year

One of Penrith’s most treasured organisations - the Nepean Hospital - has announced its 2022 Nurse and Midwife of the Year, with York’s Ely family in attendance to help celebrate the recipients.

Nurse Still Chandy and Midwife Tiarni Bright took home the honours thanks to their selflessness, passion for patient care, and professionalism.

Still is a wonderful role model, mentor and team leader. He is adored by staff and patients for providing excellent patient-centred care and contributing to an enjoyable and positive workplace culture.

He oversaw the communication between medical personnel and families during Covid lockdowns, with many commenting on his exceptional performance during this time.

Tiarni demonstrates excellence in all aspects of her work. She is an incredibly selfless team leader who always ensures her staff members are taken care of fairly. She emanates positivity, encouragement and professionalism in every aspect of midwifery, and this is clearly reflected in the care she has for patients and fellow staff members.

Parents of York Jewellers’ Managing Director Douglas Ely, Helen and Robert, were on-site to present Still with an Ingersoll ‘The Jazz’ Automatic Watch with Silver Case and Blue Leather Strap, while Tiarni received a 9 Carat White Gold Diamond Miracle Plate Circle Pendant.

Nurse of the Year Still received this handsome Ingersoll watch.

 Midwife of the Year Tiarni received a 9 Carat White Gold Diamond Miracle Plate Circle Pendant.

York has a long history of supporting the Nepean Hospital, earlier this year raising $12,474 so the organisation could purchase a new portable ultrasound machine.

Keep up with the latest news from the Nepean Hospital by visiting their website, and be sure to peruse the York blog for more community events and promotions.