Bride, Groom and Wedding Party Gift Ideas

A wedding is first and foremost about the happy couple, but that’s not to say the wedding party isn't deserving of a little recognition. After all, they’re often the ones who bring levity, laughter, and a sense of fun to the proceedings.

A great way to show everyone involved just how much they’re appreciated is by giving a gift they can cherish forever - jewellery. Whether it’s pieces personalised for the ‘nearlyweds’, or matching treasures that tie the VIPs together, the stunning range on offer at York Jewellers make for unforgettable keepsakes that will evoke fond memories for years to come.

For the Bride and Bridesmaids

Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. It’s a saying most are familiar with, but it can be tricky to find a tasteful blue addition to bridal wear.

York’s striking yet delicate Aquamarine and Diamond Pendant is just that. Crafted in luxurious 18 carat gold, its light blue gemstone is accentuated by an array of round brilliant cut white diamonds. This piece is sure to have the bride beaming on the big day (and every other occasion it's worn).

Oval Shaped Diamond Statement Pendant

They say a ring’s unending nature is the perfect symbol for love as a whole. There’s certainly a lot to love about York Jewellers’ Oval Shaped Diamond Statement Pendant.

Bearing a design that carries the spirit of the all-important wedding rings, this hypnotising loop pendant is ideal for those who like to make a statement. It’s elegant, on-theme, and complements most any attire.

Diamond Ear Crawler Fancy Drop Earrings and Diamond Curved Ear Cuff

Crawler earrings have seen a surge in popularity among brides for good reason. They’re a great way to frame the face and add a memorable flair to your wedding look.

Their appeal is made clear when viewing our Diamond Ear Crawler Fancy Drop Earrings and Diamond Curved Ear Cuffs, which feature beautiful round brilliant cut diamonds set amongst 18 carat white gold. While the former sits low and the latter rises upwards on the ear, both produce the same result - dropped jaws and admiring glances.

Heliodor & Diamond Fancy Drop Earrings

It’s impossible to ignore the splash of colour and unique, enrapturing design of the Heliodor & Diamond Fancy Drop Earrings.

Originating from Brazil, the golden-yellow heliodor showcased by this art deco inspired creation is truly something to behold. It’s eye-catching without being ostentatious, and serves as a dazzling point of difference when worn amongst white.

Bracelets and Bangles

You simply can’t go wrong with a well-designed bracelet or bangle.

Our newly-expanded collection caters to those with a proclivity for gold of all hues, as well as individuals looking to stand out from the crowd. Explore it yourself to discover the stunning options on offer.

We carry a wide range of matching sets in-store, including bracelets, pendants, and necklaces. Discover them by visiting York Jewellers, Penrith.

For the Groom and Groomsmen


‘Clothes make the man’, and no gentleman’s wedding attire is complete without a handsome timepiece.

Fortunately York Jewellers carries a vast selection of watches to suit any style. Whether you value old-fashioned charm, timeless simplicity, or a more bold and daring aesthetic, there’s truly something for anyone.

Some standouts in the range include The Grafton Automatic by Ingersoll, The Nordgreen Pioneer, and Baume & Mercier’s Classima range.

Tie Slide

The devil is in the details. This smart Gold and Black Double Layer Tie Slide may seem a relatively minor touch, but it can have a big impact on your overall look.

Crafted from gold plated-stainless steel, it’s a great way to add extra class to the groom’s suit, as well as tie (so to speak) the groomsmen’s outfits together.   


These Brushed Stainless Steel Rectangle Cufflinks are a blank slate that are just begging to be customised for the big day.

Engraving the initials or wedding date of the happy couple is a tried and true sentimental option, but the possibilities don’t stop there. Groomsmen will get a kick out of seeing their nickname engraved on their very own pair.

A new selection of charming cufflinks have arrived at York Jewellers. Discover them exclusively in-store at York Jewellers, Penrith.

Explore York Jewellers Exquisite Range Online and In-Store

The items listed here are just a fraction of what’s available both in store and online at York Jewellers. From bespoke creations to traditional designs to one-of-a-kind pieces, there’s something to suit jewellery lovers of any taste.

Those who are due to tie the knot can peruse our wedding bands, and if you’re about to pop the question be sure to consult our free Engagement Ring Buyer’s Guide