When Should You Propose?

There are few occasions more memorable, important, and downright nerve-racking than your proposal. If the topic has entered your thoughts of late, it’s probably come with questions like “What ring should I get?”, “Where should I pop the question?” and “Am I ready?”.

Having been involved in countless engagements over the years, York Jewellers can offer the following guidance for those thinking about taking their relationship to the next level.

Signs You’re Ready to Propose

You’re Comfortable With Them

Marriage is a big commitment. Lifelong, in fact. In order for it to be as happy and healthy as possible it’s vital that you feel comfortable around your partner. 

Comfortability refers to a variety of things here. Along with being confident around them physically, it’s important you feel safe sharing your innermost opinions, thoughts, and emotions. If you’re consistently supported and listened to during these vulnerable moments, it’s a promising indication that you can always be true to yourself without judgement. 

You’ve Already Discussed Life Together

Communication really is key when it comes to a lasting relationship, so it pays to address the big picture before you tie the knot.

This includes some admittedly sensitive topics; your finances, if you want kids or not, your goals, and your ideal living situation, just to name a few. While not exactly the most romantic or charming subject matter, figuring out where one another stands when it comes to these questions can help you gauge just how compatible you’re likely to be in the long run.

You Can’t Imagine a Future Without Them

If your vision for the future innately includes your partner, it may be time to get down on one knee. After all, sometimes when you know, you just know. It's best not to overthink it if your heart is certain that this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. If you’re on the fence, however, it could be telling of an issue in your relationship or something that needs further discussion.

When to Propose - Finding The Perfect Moment


Anniversaries are one of the most popular times to propose. They’re already special to both you and your partner, they’re romantic, and there’s just something poetic about progressing your relationship on the same day it started. Bonus points if you propose at the very spot it started too.

Those wanting to keep their proposal under wraps may be undone by this option, though. It’s true that most anniversaries involve some amount of secret planning, but if your partner suspects something more is up they'll be on high-alert on your anniversary.

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Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve

The perfect time to pop the question is often when spirits are high and there’s a sense of magic in the air. To that end, many wait until Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or New Year’s Eve to do so.

Surrounded by friends and family, Christmas is a joyous occasion that allows you to celebrate the engagement immediately. Just be sure of the answer before you propose, otherwise you’ll be left at an awkward lunch listening to “Last Christmas”.

Valentine’s Day is objectively the most romantic of the year. Proposing on this date allows you to get the most of plans you’d likely already have in place, but it also means sharing your special day with countless other couples. 

New Year’s Eve is all about embracing new beginnings while simultaneously celebrating the past - what better moment for a proposal? Depending where you spend it, this also comes with the benefit of flowing champagne and a firework-lit sky.

One time you should absolutely not choose for your proposal, however, is when celebrating someone else. This includes other people’s weddings, immediately after someone else proposes, or at a friend’s baby shower. Let your loved ones have their own spotlight and you’ll get yours when the time comes. 

While On Holiday

Asking for your partner’s hand in marriage while on holiday holds not-so-subtle symbolism for all the exciting places your marriage will take you. It can be the perfect way to top off an intimate getaway together, and creates a connection to a place that you can both treasure for years to come.

Find the Perfect Engagement Ring

At York Jewellers, we relish in creating moments everlasting. Whether it’s from our beautiful engagement ring collections or a custom creation, our experienced designers match your partner to the perfect ring. Contact the friendly team for more information, and we look forward to helping you celebrate your love.

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