Engagement Ring Love Stories 2023

From grand gestures to intimate moments, York Jewellers' finely crafted rings have played a crucial role in all manner of engagements over the years.

The love stories that accompany them are simply too heart-warming to keep to ourself, so we'd like to share some with you through our Engagement RIng Love Stories series.

As we update this blog you’ll see tear-jerking tales, gain some insight to the ring buying process, and might even pick up an idea or two for your own engagement.

Be sure to also read last year’s stories, and peruse our extensive range of engagement jewellery via the links below.


Engagement Ring Love Stories 2022


York Engagement Ring Collections

Kerry and John - Treasured Heirlooms

One of our favourite things to do as jewellers is repurpose and remodel our client’s treasured family heirlooms. We were recently honoured with the opportunity to do just that when Kerry and John approached us about designing an engagement ring.

With a rock-steady relationship built over decades, tying the knot was all but a certainty for the loved-up couple. It was something they discussed openly, so it was only natural that they were equally upfront when it came to the ring. 

“I got taken to the jewellers quite early to look at certain rings that I was interested in. So that’s how the conversation started,” Kerry explained. 

“But the ball really got rolling once my mum told John that we've got some jewels that have been passed down through the family.”

With the help of York Jewellers Designer Gabby, Kerry was able to narrow her preferences for the overall design down to three, but it was up to John to decide on the finished product and how it would incorporate the jewels.

“I wanted to be surprised when I saw it. I was like: ‘This is the general gist of it. This is what I like. Good luck’,” laughed Kerry.

“I sat down with Gabby and discussed past conversations with Kerry and what I wanted to add,” John said.

“She drew a sketch of the rough design and that was actually very helpful in getting an idea of the concept,” John said.

“She continued to follow up on the phone a few times. She was really, really helpful all along the way. The whole process was just seamless. I'm so happy with the way it all turned out.”

The ring that resulted was a tasteful blend of the old and the new, and Kerry was delighted when she was presented with it.

When asked what she thought about her York Jewellers experience, she had nothing but praise for the team.

“Gabby was super helpful. We had no thought of going anywhere else.”

Jessica and Shane - A Great Pear-ing

Some people search high and low for their ideal partner, but Shane’s was served up on a platter. Literally. 

He first laid eyes on his future fiancée as she was perched atop a fruit bowl at a trendy cocktail bar.

“Basically Jess fell into a fruit bowl thinking it was a bar stool. She played it cool, calm and collected too. She even continued to sip her drink while she was sitting in this basket of fruit,” laughed Shane.

“The cocktail bar was very dimly lit,” explained Jess. 

It sparked a conversation that flowed as freely as the drinks, and their connection soon ripened thanks to a shared love of traveling and a mutual feeling of comfort.

After a two year romance filled with adventures and endless laughter, they felt like they had known each other their whole lives. For Shane, there was never any doubt that he should make things official.

He entered our Penrith store with almost no clue from Jess about her preferred ring style, but the York Jewellers team knew how to devise one that would be perfect for her.

“They asked questions about what we like to do, what type of people we are, what our future holds, and designed the diamonds and style around that. They helped me design a ring which was not only right for Jess, but for us as a couple,” 

“The whole process was so easy and they made me feel really welcomed.”

With the stunning engagement ring in hand, all that was left was to pop the question. He did so during a trip away in picturesque Byron Bay. 

Shane hurried Jess along to the beach to watch the sunset as the large ring box sat conspicuously in his pocket. Fortunately, she didn’t suspect a thing. 

It took some trekking to find a private spot devoid of people practicing gymnastics or walking their dogs, so he pounced on the chance when he did stumble upon a relatively secluded section of beach. The time was right, but the answer he received was not exactly what he expected.

“I got on one knee, popped the question, and received nothing but laughter.”

“It was a nervous laugh, but it was definite ‘yes’ eventually,” giggled Jess.

“I had no idea, and I'd never told him what I wanted. I'm so glad he chose the ring because I could never choose. It worked out so well.”

They’ve since been back to York to celebrate their engagement and choose their wedding bands.

Nicole and Zac - Kicking Goals 

Nicole and Zac have been kicking goals as a couple ever since they began dating.

The pair met by happenstance while at school, but it was until they crossed paths years later that their relationship flourished.

“We started dating in our 20s and I knew she was the one right from the start. We could just sit and talk for hours” Zac explained.

“I knew from the start that he was my person, and he proved that by continuing the same love that he’s always shown me,” Nicole agreed.

Following eight years of cherished memories and countless accomplishments, both were in agreement that the time was right to take the next step.

“I was walking past York Jewellers and I saw a ring in the window that was just beautiful,” said Nicole.

“I instantly knew this cut of the diamond and the way it was designed was perfect for me. So I went into York, spoke with the staff there, and we put it on the wish list. Whenever Zach was ready that would be the ring he could go off.”

He took the hint and made an appointment with York designer Sue, who helped him devise a ring bearing all the features that Nicole adored.

“York really helped me with the process. They were full of information and knew exactly what they were talking about,” Zac said.

“Sue gave me peace of mind that the standard I wanted, the clarity I wanted, and the design I wanted were going to be brought to life. Her and the rest of the team at Penrith were amazing to work with. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s a bit unsure about jewellery.”

Despite an unshakable connection, Zac was a little nervous when it came time for the proposal.

“We went out for lunch in Circular Quay. It was raining so we had to wait at the restaurant for an extra hour before I could actually go out and propose. My leg was shaking and I had to force myself to eat. I was that nervous,” Zac Laughed.

“When the rain stopped I took her down to the wharf and had a special conversation with her, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Thankfully she said yes.”

Tamara and Corey - Good Things Take Time

The old phrase ‘good things take time’ rings just as true now as ever. Tamara and Corey are living proof of that.

The two were an item for almost nine years before Corey decided to get down on one knee and pop the question.

“I knew she was the one straight from the beginning. It's just that we were so young and wanted to let our love grow even more,” Corey explained.

“We always bounced off each other, and from the moment we met I felt like I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him,” Tamara confirmed.

It was certainly time well spent, their connection only strengthening with each passing day, week, and year together. After almost a decade by her side, Corey was well-prepared when he finally began shopping for the engagement ring.

“She dropped a lot of hints in regards to the style and design, and I asked her cousin to cross-reference and make sure I was on the right path.”

With an idea of her preferred style, and one of her spare rings for sizing, he approached York Jewellers to find the perfect piece.

"They said that if she uses that ring on her right hand, the left will be a size smaller. It was spot on.”

“It was very easy. They had exactly what I was after and were so helpful throughout the whole process.”

“They're a family unit there. It's really comfortable and friendly. There’s no pressure, that's the best thing about it.”

It was on a trip through Europe when the stars aligned and Corey presented Tamara with the all-important engagement ring.

“When I saw it I burst out in tears. It was the exact one that I wanted,” Tamara confessed.

The couple are now looking forward to a lifetime of adventures together, and have both made fast friends with the York Jewellers team.

“They're always so, so fun. When I drop by to get my ring cleaned, we always have a good chat. Even finding our wedding bands with York was fun,” Tamara said.

Luke and Ally - The Perfect Match

Few engagements are as ingenious as Luke and Ally’s.

Their story began three years ago when Luke tagged along to a mutual friend’s netball final.

“There Ally was on the court, this feisty little pocket rocket. She caught my attention and it all went from there,” said Luke.

United by their love of sport and a shared sense of humour, it didn’t take long for the pair to hit it off.

“I knew he was the one after the first date. We just connected on an intellectual level,” confessed Ally.

“The conversations we were having were really great. I found him really interesting and he could put up with my banter, which is important.”

“I don't want to sound cliché, but after the first date I didn't have any doubts at all. The next couple of years were really just me waiting for the right time to pop the question”, agreed Luke.

Along with romantic rendezvous and endless laughter, the time that followed was spent hunting for the perfect engagement ring.

“We went to different stores to see what Ally would be interested in and what would look good on her”, Luke said.

“Then we both walked into York Jewellers and met Kelly.”

“She was lovely, She was really warm and welcoming and made the process of trying different options easy.”

“It's really cool that I got to play a part in it as well,” added Ally.

“Kelly really stood out for us because she actually listened to what we said and genuinely took it on board. It wasn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.”

After being matched with a ring that encapsulated their unique love, the couple agreed to remain hush about the proposal.

“She was totally in the dark about timelines, when it was gonna happen, and what I was actually getting,” said Luke.

With this air of secrecy, he devised a plan to lure Ally to an intimate candlelight dinner at the Sydney Aquarium.

“I pretended it was a work Christmas party. I wrote an email and had my boss send it back to me, so I could then forward it as a calendar invite. It was a whole thing.”

“It was so well thought out. When we got there they even said ‘Are you here for the Christmas party?’”, said Ally.

She was stunned when she discovered the scene that awaited her, and when Luke finally got down on one knee the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’.

Reflecting on the netball game where they first met, Ally said “We may have lost that match, but I won in other ways”.

George and Daniel - Pure Joy

When hearing the way George and Daniel speak about each other it’s little wonder why they got engaged.

“He brings me pure happiness and joy. He also brings out the best in me. He challenges me to be happier, challenges me to push myself professionally and personally,” George said.

Their romance began online, and after four blissful years together the stars aligned and the timing was just right for George to pop the question.

“We had just come out of COVID. I really wanted to do something a bit spectacular for the engagement and I was like ‘we can't do that in the backyard’”, he said.

“When we could finally travel again it was the perfect time to do something that's just as special as our relationship is.”

Of course, the hints being dropped by Daniel also helped encourage him to finally make the move.

“I think Daniel was ready for the proposal about three years prior to me actually proposing. He started dropping hints at weddings saying things like ‘oh that's a nice ring’ or ‘oh, that looks like a nice wedding’. I read between the lines,” laughed George.

When it came to the design of the engagement ring itself, Daniel knew exactly what he wanted.

“I spotted a style I liked on a cruise so we made sure to snap some photos of it,” said Daniel.

“It was a good design structure to take into York Jewellers,” confirmed Geroge.

“I went in secret, and I found that we could do a custom one that was very similar, but altered so it would work nicely with the wedding band.”

The ring they settled on fit the bill perfectly, and Daniel was delighted when Geroge proposed on a getaway together at Broken Hill.

“It did exactly what I needed it to do. It needed to be masculine yet feminine, and it was able to be worn in multiple avenues without me worrying it was going to get ruined”, said Daniel.

Though the final product was stunning, dealing with York Jewellers proved to be a true highlight for George.

“My experience with York was just amazing. They're very creative and just very excited about you as well.”
“Even before we started designing the ring we had a conversation about our story, where we started, why this was so significant. I think that was really part of it.”

“Obviously the ring is gorgeous and we love the quality of it, but I think having that connection with the sales staff makes it quite personal and comfortable.”

“Being a queer couple, I never felt left out or they never really made us feel any different. I really valued that.”