Jewellery Remodelling From the Heart

Jewellery can be much more than a piece of flashy bling. Silently accompanying the wearer through life’s ups and downs, it quickly becomes an extension of them as a person.

Such was the case for the Lee family matriarch, known simply as Gran. Often seen bearing an assortment of eye-catching gold, diamond, and gemstone-laden rings, jewellery was a very important part of her life. It became something of a hallmark, inseparable from the image friends and family had of her.

When she passed away, it was only natural that those closest chose to honour her memory through jewellery. Rather than distribute her rings as-is, they wished to remodel them into new pieces that would carry on her spirit and connect the family.

They entrusted York Jewellers with this sensitive task. We listened closely as they described just how much she meant to each of them, and felt touched to be able to convey that through tangible treasures they could cherish forevermore.

With due care and consideration, six pendants were created from her rings. Each incorporates unmistakeable elements of the donor pieces, displaying them proudly amidst large and small gold rings. Thin gold chains complete the pendants, allowing them to be worn tastefully with most any outfit.

When asked about the experience, family member Shannon said the following:

“I’m incredibly thankful to Doug for creating these pendants using my grandmother’s jewellery. So much time, effort, and care was put into creating these pieces and my family and I are forever grateful to have them as a memory of our beloved Gran.”

Bringing new life into much-loved heirlooms is never a simple task, but always rewarding. It‘s one that York relishes, and seeing the gratitude from our clients as we deliver the finished product certainly validates the hard work and creativity it demands.

Regardless of the original material, our experienced designers can help you reshape classic jewellery into something new. Whether you want to pay homage to a loved one, reset a gemstone, or give life to a piece entirely its own, our dedicated team works closely with you to make your vision a reality.

To start the remodelling process, simply make an appointment with our jewellers, or visit us in-store. Remember, it’s best that you bring along your pieces and any inspiration you have for your new design.