8 Subtle (And Not So Subtle) Ways To Suggest It's Time To Get Engaged

From the proposal, to the ring, to planning the wedding, there are few things more exciting than getting engaged. What is less thrilling, though, is waiting endlessly for your partner to get on one knee. To help those in this predicament, we’ve devised eight subtle (and not so subtle) ways of hinting that it’s time to pop the question. 

Engagement Jewellery

  • “Accidentally” Leave A Digital Reminder

  • If you’ve been struck by an engagement ring you’ve discovered online, leaving the webpage open for your partner to find is a great way of giving them a nudge in the right direction. When using your phone, be sure to leave it in a noticeable spot, like the breakfast table, with the brightness turned all the way up.

  • Send A Message To Your Partner By “Mistake”

  • This is one instance where sending a message to the (seemingly) wrong recipient can be a force for good. Try forwarding a link to your ring of choice, sharing a particularly funny or dazzling wedding video, or sending them a piece of engagement-related conversation. This will of course require a bit of follow-up to explain it was intended for a friend, but the results can be well worth it.

  • Try A More Direct Approach

  • Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. When no other option    appears to be working, or you just want to cut to the chase, there’s nothing wrong with taking the more direct route. Whether you want to outright discuss engagement, or simply let them know the correct sizing for your wedding finger, a casual, humorous approach can help ease them into this conversation.

  • Slip It Into Conversation

  • If the opportunity presents itself in your day-to-day life, don’t be afraid to drop a few hints that you think it’s time to tie the knot. A comment while watching a rom-com or looking at photos on Instagram can help plant the idea in your partner’s mind. 

  • Share Your Pinterest Wall

  • Pinterest is perfect for sharing the things you love with the people you love. Use it to curate a selection of your favourite wedding attire, venues, and of course jewellery, before sharing it on social media for the world (and most importantly, your partner) to see. You can also send them a direct link to it, if you’re feeling particularly bold. 

  • Save Ring Designs To Your Phone

  • This tip works similarly to the previous one, though it employs a more discrete tactic. When perusing engagement jewellery online, save your preferred designs to a conspicuously-named photo album on your phone. Once you’ve gathered this collection, all that’s left to do is scroll through it in view of your beloved, or ensure it catches their eye as you show them your other photos.

  • Have A Friend Or Family Member Mention It

  • When in doubt, turn to the power of teamwork. Friends or family can playfully broach the topic with your partner to ensure the thought lands on their radar. Regardless if it’s done in a group setting or one-on-one, their reaction will speak volumes about their intentions. 

  • Start A York Wishlist In-Store Or Online

  • Everyone loves a bit of window shopping, which is why York Jewellers allows wish lists to be easily created both in-store and online. Try sending a list of your favourite jewellery pieces around Christmas, your birthday, your anniversary, or another meaningful date. If an engagement ring happens to find its way onto it, well, sometimes accidents just happen.

    At York Jewellers, we relish in creating moments everlasting. Our experienced designers can make your engagement one to be cherished forever by matching your partner to their perfect ring, or by crafting a custom jewellery piece. Contact the friendly team for more information, and we look forward to helping you celebrate and showcase your love.