Win Your Valentine Over With These Romantic Jewellery Gift Ideas

Spoil a loved one York Jewellers-style this Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February lends itself to all manners of romance, including marriage proposals. While you could argue every day should be treated as if it were Valentine’s Day—it isn’t exactly the most practical mantra to live by. Life happens, routine ensues—and it’s days like these that remind us of our spousal or partner-ly duties. As time goes by, sometimes all it takes is a hallmark occasion to reignite the flame with our better half. So, why not embrace it?

While many of us will be exchanging flowers, chocolates and greeting cards, others will step up their game with gifts of love that last forever. Dazzling with ingenuity—custom-made fine jewellery is deeply personal way to show love this Valentine’s Day. The ultimate symbol of enduring love.

We, at York Jewellers, are in the business of going over and above in the romance department. So in the spirit of love and affection, Cupid has curated a beguiling list of niceties to help strike the heart of the one you adore. Want to know the best part? All of these items are on sale now! Our hearts are so full!


A perfectly-pastel pair of earrings

It’s love at first sight with these pear-shape morganite and diamond drop earrings. A combination of blush hues and delicate design elements make these particular earrings so romantic. A touch of sparkle for a fabulous Valentine’s dinner for two. That’s amore!

An avant-garde trio of stones

Meet our one-of-a-kind tanzanite and pink sapphire trilogy ring. Its three stones proudly encapsulate love’s past, present and future: a little sentimental backstory for you to share with your partner. Not to mention an easy way to score you some extra brownie points. 


A quartz that’s close to their heart

Forget roses—let violets be your V-day go-to. And we’re not about flowers—we’re talking about those richly-coloured violet gemstones. Not only is amethyst the official birthstone of February, it’s also the unofficial symbol of Valentine’s Day. A lustrous quartz rumoured to have shaped the romantic traditions we know today. What could be more enchanting than a symbolic gift that hangs close to your loved ones heart, like this amethyst pendant with diamond halo?

Your happily ever after

Sydney-goers: love really is in the air. And what could be more romantic than a fairytale engagement in the name of Saint Valentine? Hordes of happy couples will become engaged to marry on the 14th day of February. It’s no wonder with all these romantic dinner plans and flowers in the mix. This stunning custom marquise-shape diamond halo engagement ring is on sale at York Jewellers in January. There’s never been a better time to pop the question!

A cut above your average bouquet

Every blossoming romance deserves to be nurtured. And what better way to nurture said romance than with a bloom that never fades? Forget flowers, because this pretty and delicate pavè diamond-encrusted flower ring and pendant set is the kind of thing on every woman’s mind.

A ring fit for a princess

Handcrafted to perfection and gushing with warmth, intimacy and desire—our next gift idea features, perhaps, the most popular of semi-precious gemstones. This soft-pink cushion-cut morganite and trilliant diamond ring is the clear-cut direction towards anyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day.


I’m your fire, your desire

In celebration of love and affection, why not opt for an emerald and diamond dress ring instead of your run-of-the-mill Valentine’s gift? In Roman mythology, the emerald was said to possess all the qualities of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. A bold and beautiful piece designed to intensify your love.

The most romantic stone of all

And for all the lovers who’ve managed to stick it out for a few decades, there are rubies. Stones that invokes passion, seduction and charm. This ruby and diamond ring is the traditional gift for celebrating 40 years of marriage. If you ask us, this enchanting piece of jewellery is the epitome of true and everlasting love.

The real patron of love

This cushion-cut morganite and double halo diamond ring has been designed by York Jewellers with those special moments in mind. The morganite’s warm glow and double cushioning of diamonds reminds us of a romantic summer’s evening under the glowing wine light—could there be a more fitting end to this grand V-day love story? 

Still can’t decide on the perfect V-day piece?

The lore of Saint Valentine

Legend has it the amethyst ring is the ultimate homage to love, worn by the fabled Roman saint himself. The ring was said to be a symbol of love carved with the image of Cupid.

Love in all its former glory

If a beloved piece has lost its lustre or no longer suits your personal style, you have yourself a golden opportunity. There are plenty of ways to modernise a design or restore something to its original beauty. Consider melting down metals to have the piece reset.

Consolidating heirlooms to create something different is another way to add meaning to an otherwise consumer-driven holiday. You’ll invoke fond memories by turning a family ring into a lovely locket. Or perhaps you could adorn your partner or spouse with a beautiful new pair of earrings made with some of their gemstone and diamond bequests.

It should come as no surprise that our head jeweller, Douglas Ely, is a true romantic at heart. It’s why all of our custom pieces are crafted with such poise and passion. Don’t let those poignant moments in life slip away. Valentine’s Day can be a truly special occasion when shared with those who matter most. We, at York Jewellers, are here to help you embrace the holiday.

We hope your Valentine’s Day is full of love this year,

— from the team at York Jewellers