How to Pull Off the Perfect Proposal

The five-step plan to profess your love to the one you love

Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

The key to orchestrating the perfect proposal lies in the details. While there are no hard and fast rules of engagement—proposing to spend the rest of your life with your significant other is a big deal. As such, when the moment does strike, there are ways to make the experience all the more magical.

We, at York Jewellers, love nothing more than the sound of wedding bells. And so, we thought we’d devise an earth-shattering, tear-jerking (not to mention foolproof) plan to getting down on one knee.

Here’s to all the romantics out there looking to sweep their certain someones off their feet.

1. Perfect your personal monologue

Choose your words carefully.

Every proposal speech ends with those famous four words. But if you really want to blow your partner away, you’ll have to work a little harder than a cookie-cutter monologue.

Your speech should say what it is you love most about your partner. Not to mention what the future might have in store for the two of you. An honest outpouring, if you will. Playing up the sensibilities that make your partnership so unique and worthwhile.

It’s also important to articulate why this person has affected your life for the better. After all, you’ll want to give them a pretty good reason for marrying you.

2. Keep your future fiancé in mind

Remember… Not everyone is a fan of surprises.

It all comes down to using your better judgement and respecting what’s important to your partner. Making your proposal as meaningful as possible is about paying attention. Don’t forget, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment when you’re overcome by pre-proposal nerves.

Just make sure you pause, take a deep breath, and consider your partner’s best interests before that of your own.

Consider where they will want their proposal to take place. Whether it’s a bold, public declaration among strangers, a gathering of family and friends, or the more intimate gesture of a private setting.

3. Choose a film-worthy location

Take your declaration of love to new heights.

Now you’ve found the perfect person, it’s no wonder you want to find the perfect place to pop the big question. Location is one of the key ingredients in capturing your dream proposal scene. Why not stage this momentous occasion by choosing a setting that signifies your love in one way or another?

Take your partner back to a significant place and time in your relationship—or recreate a romantic scene from a favourite film or book.

Sydney-goers: want to know the ultimate backdrop for an unforgettable engagement? Our winning York Jewellers Perfect Proposal landscape, of course.

Imagine whisking your partner away for a castle-in-the-air helicopter ride over the Blue Mountains, announcing your love atop the breathtakingly-picturesque ranges, and staying to celebrate with your weekend's accommodation at Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains. If that’s not romantic, we don’t know what is.

4. Consider the before and after

Prepare for all the possible scenarios.

Mastering the art of subtlety is made all the more difficult if you’re attempting to pull off an out-of-the-ordinary endeavour. Especially if you’re planning on making it a surprise and your partner doth protest the sudden change in plans.

You’ll need a solid strategy in place if you want to get to them to your proposal location without their suspicion. And if all goes to plan, it’s likely you’ll want some quality alone time to enjoy the moment afterwards.

5. Get the ring custom designed and made

Engage your partner in the process.

For those of you who are nervous about choosing a ring for their partner, there’s a solution that’s guaranteed to upstage the average gesture (and it sure beats letting your partner choose their own ring). Make it easy by placing a deposit for a custom-designed and handmade ring by York Jewellers.

There’s never been a better time to do so, because one lucky winner will have their partner’s dream engagement ring custom designed right before their very eyes—taking in Sydney’s stunning hinterland vista all the while.

Not only will your partner end up with the engagement ring of their dreams—you both might end up winning an experience of a lifetime!

Anyone who places a deposit for a custom-designed engagement ring or purchases their engagement ring with York Jewellers before the 31st of May will go in the draw to win a York Jewellers Perfect Proposal.

The lucky couple will enjoy:

  • A helicopter ride from Sydney Airport to the Blue Mountains;

  • A custom design, location experience with head jeweller Douglas Ely;

  • A two-night stay at Fairmont Resort & Spa Blue Mountains (romantic dinner included) and;

  • A limousine transfer back to Sydney Airport.

See full details and T&Cs here.

In case you hadn’t noticed—we jewellers possess an unshakeable romantic streak. Our indulgence in decades of romance has led us to believe everyone deserves to get their happily ever after. If there was ever a perfect time to propose to the one you love, it’s now. All you have to do is make your next move.