Modernising Our Methods

Have you heard? We have gone Contactless! 

In light of how the world has evolved this year, the team at York Jewellers have cleverly adapted their business practices in a number of convenient ways to protect their clients both locally and nationally. Though the doors are still wide open and it’s business as usual, York Jewellers are always ahead of the curve and thinking of alternative ways to serve their community in the highest regard. The business has been modernised both online and offline to ensure clients are looked after in a safe and secure manner - and that no significant person or moment in time is put on the back burner. 

Event Reminder: Mother’s Day  

With Mother’s Day around the corner, it has never been more important to showcase our love and lift the spirits of the women who have always nurtured us. Naturally, on this very special occasion, the demand for our exquisite pieces is exceptionally high. This is precisely why York Jewellers develops an exclusive annual  Mother’s Day collection which is comprised of unique, high quality and well-thought-out jewellery designs. 

If this particular occasion has crept up on you, and you’re looking for a stunning jewellery sentiment for Mum, here are a number of ways we can help you transport something that will make her beam with happiness.   

Oh, and in case you haven’t seen it already, we are running a social competition. Enter your Mum here to win a Pink Diamond Pendant - and don’t forget to tell the world how much she means to you. 



Click and Collect: At the Touch of Your Fingertips

No doubt you have had a sneak peek at the sensational keepsake pieces and rare stones York Jewellers has on offer. So, if you have your eye on something special for Mum, for a loved one or for yourself, there are now a number of ways in which you can safely purchase your desired piece.  

Thanks to York Jewellers, you are now able to “click and collect” anything showcased on the website with the touch of your fingertips. Stay home and cosy in the comfort of your living room while you peruse our collections and shop online. When you’re ready for some fresh air, you’re then able to swiftly and securely collect your purchases from our store where our happy and helpful staff will await your arrival.   

VIP Drop-Off Service

While there might not seem to be an easier way to get your retail therapy fix, York Jewellers are offering a car drop-off service as an additional collection method. Perhaps you're in the area buying necessities or simply don’t feel comfortable entering the shopping centre at this time,  the team at York Jewellers will happily pop out to deliver your purchase to your car to save you the trip inside. 

Knock Knock.. York Jewellers’ is Here

Our door-to-door service is another newly introduced contactless method that’s proving to be rather popular amongst clients. If you’re not in a position to leave your home at the present time, we would love nothing more than to help. Allow us to come and say hello while we drop your selected piece to you personally. Our priority is to inspire as much joy as possible at this time, and to ensure that special moments are not missed. You can count on us. 

Courier Required? Allow Us 

If you’re quite happy to online shop the traditional way, you’re very welcome to buy away via our website and we will arrange a courier on your behalf.  Typically, our packages are delivered between 5-7 business days, so this is a perfect way to keep your shiny collection topped up.

Don’t forget about our 14-day return policy.  If there’s a change of heart, there’s no problem. Perhaps a ring is the wrong size, or you prefer the 9ct Edison Freshwater Pearl Diamond Shepherd Hook Earrings rather than the Rubellite & Diamond Stud Earrings. Our return policy allows for changes of this nature so rest assure, your York Jewellers’ purchase will always leave you feeling elated. 


 Let’s Connect!

As Zoom and Facetime have taken the spotlight in terms of the most popular communication tools of 2020,  we have introduced bookings for both video and phone consultation via our website. Speak to one of our skilled and experienced jewellers over the phone to talk about all things jewellery. Whether you’re looking to discuss a custom-designed handcrafted piece, or perhaps a design from one of our exquisite brands, we’ve got something ideal for you and would be glad to educate you anytime over the phone.   

Here is a video that outlines the steps to arrange a 30-minute video or phone consultation with our professionals. 



We value our community like we value our family. It brings us sincere satisfaction supporting our clients and we look forward to celebrating life's most special moments with you. Together, let’s continue to create ever-lasting memories.

Message us via our website, send us a Facebook message, give us a call on 0247210780 or send us an email