Join Us On A Custom Design Journey

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself “

- Etta Turner

Individually crafted jewellery designs are masterpieces created with purpose and passion. They are pieces that have unwavering sentimental value, deeply-rooted meaning and are a tangible token of love. 

Unlike wearing a jewellery accessory because it’s ‘on-trend’ or donned by a Hollywood starlet,  a uniquely designed piece has special significance and is forever linked to an unforgettable memory or a person of importance in an individual's life. Specially handcrafted pieces exude elements of who a person is and when worn, illuminates feelings of value, rarity and prestige from within. This begs the question, ‘why would one ever wear an unoriginal piece that bears no reference or emotion?’. 

So much of the time jewellery pieces are produced with materials that are not of high worth. Quality and detail are usually mediocre and the items are more often than not purchased from non-ethical or unsustainable suppliers. When it’s made for a quick commercial buck, it’s replicated a million times over and it runs the risk of early deterioration, are you really just allowing your shiny coins to fall through the cracks? 

The Custom Designed Jewellery Journey 

The custom handmade experience takes personalisation to a whole new level. Whether the piece is to signify the importance of a personal relationship, illustrate one’s character or manner,  demonstrate gratitude or perhaps to celebrate a special moment, a personal handcrafted design is a worthwhile investment that never depreciates in value. If you are gifting someone with a piece to show your affection or if the purchase is an act of self-love and appreciation, the feeling of creating something that nobody else in this world has is truly exceptional. 

For over four decades, York Jewellers have witnessed the most delightful expressions of joy and happiness on the faces of clients who participate in the bespoke York Jewellers customer experience. This is a process comprised of ideation, design and creation pertaining to their own tailored jewellery designs with an experienced and highly skilled jeweller guiding them along the way.  This joint collaboration allows for ideas to manifest into a desired outcome with the utmost integrity, dedication, quality and originality. 


Let Us Guide You 

According to a recently conducted study, the average groom spends three months ring shopping, visits four retailers and views twenty-seven rings before making a purchase. We, unfortunately, see this unnecessary deliberation time and time again. Allow us to save you the time, effort, indecision and angst.

If you’re loved-up, feeling on top of the world and have decided you’d like to spend the rest of your life with your better half, having one of our professionals assist you is both a comforting and practical experience. Your only job is to find out your partner’s ring size.  If he or she hasn’t as yet been dropping subtle hints, we understand this can sometimes be quite the challenge. So, let us help. Here are some inconspicuous suggestions to help you master the perfect engagement ring design. 

Your budget, Our Flexibility

Despite seeing an increase with respect to consumers opting towards handcrafted custom-designed jewellery, there still seems to be a slight fallacy around the topic of expense. This preference affords you the freedom to decipher all materials according to your personal budget and taste. Perhaps your partner values a particular cut and the size of the rock isn’t quite important? Or maybe the setting is the persons most highly regarded element?

Irrespective of your individual desires or style, we can work with you to achieve something remarkable that reflects only you or your special someone. For more information on one-of-a-kind pieces, here is some additional insight on how York Jewellers can contribute to your shiny aspirations. 

Our Distinguished Method

Head jeweller Douglas Ely believes in creating custom pieces that move beyond the realms of ordinary jewellery-making. He applies his signature traditional handmade methods to convey meaning, using design elements like family heirlooms, birthstones, engravings and lettering.

To discuss your ideas with Douglas or with one of our designers, visit our York Jewellers store. Alternatively, if you are more comfortable booking a phone or video call with one of our skilled jewellers, click here.

In light of the current economical phase we find ourselves in, our priority is to support you safely, responsibly and with love. Together, let’s continue to create ever-lasting moments.