Taking Care: Things To Know About Jewellery Cleaning & Safety During This Time

Should we be removing our jewellery to wash our hands? Will greater exposure to soap damage my rings? Is it risky wearing my pieces at the moment?


With our world facing a viral pandemic, it’s no secret that above-board personal hygiene is a crucial act in protecting ourselves, and safeguarding against others in falling victim to the illness. Questions pertaining to proper cleaning techniques, frequency of sterilisation and most effective cleaning products are circulating in everyone’s mind. 

Valued clients of York Jewellers have certainly been wondering if all the additional efforts to maintain healthy hygiene may potentially be damaging the quality and vibrancy of their collections - and if so, how do they overcome the predicament? In the interest of protecting your investments, here are some recommended tips on how you can minimize damage and deterioration to your special pieces. 


Clean Consistently and Correctly

With regular cleaning and the right products, your jewellery will stay as beautiful as it looked in the shop window. Depending on the metal, stone and setting, your jewellery will require specific care. It’s really not enough just to give your rings the ol' once over with some Imperial Leather. In fact, using the wrong cleaning product or technique can lead to some pretty undesirable and upsetting consequences such as bleaching or tarnishing.

There are a million-and-one home remedies for dirty jewellery, and while some have their merits, you have to be extremely prudent when cleaning your treasured jewellery. Precious metals and gemstones can be high maintenance and temperamental materials. So, if you are going to clean your jewellery yourself, it pays to do some in-depth research beforehand. Unsuitable cleansers – and sometimes even soapy water – can damage your jewellery. 

There are commercial-grade cleaners available, but your best bet is to schedule professional cleaning sessions with your jeweller who may have access to an ultrasonic bath, which can clean even the most intricate designs, bringing your gemstone and settings back to their original splendour. 

If that isn’t ideal or possible during this somewhat tricky period, York Jewellers endorses Connoisseurs as a take-home cleaning kit. The products are sold in-store at York Jewellers, or alternatively, you can purchase your kit through various retailers such as amazon and target, 

Steer Clear of Harsh Chemicals

Harsh chemicals such as dishwashing detergent, chlorine, bleach and other household cleaning products can wreak havoc on your jewellery. While your jewellery might look nice and shiny after a soak in the sink, prolonged exposure to these chemicals can cause the finish and polish to gradually deteriorate, leaving your precious jewellery looking dull, flat and exposed to the elements. This can be avoided with regular cleaning with a commercial cleaning product ( such as Connoisseurs).  Just make sure to thoroughly dry the pieces after! 

Schedule A Professional Maintenance Appointment As Soon As Possible

Scheduling maintenance appointments with your jeweller once a year is a really good idea, especially if you are wearing certain pieces every day. Over time, settings can shift, and your precious stones can come loose without you noticing! Your Jeweller can fix this as well as check that there are no hairline fractures in the stones or shanks. They will also have access to a number of specially designed cleaning tools such as steamers, sonic cleaners that are able to restore your jewellery to its original splendour.

As we reach a positive turning point and the dust settles, we are predicting to be inundated with maintenance appointments for the latter part of the year.  Whether you are an existing client of York Jewellers, you are looking to invest, or you would like to have your own pieces cleaned, we are here to help. 


Above All: Protect & Prioritise Yourself and Your Skin. 

Though it is understood the virus can be carried on any material or item, authorities have not as yet advised professional industry platforms such as the Jewellers Association of Australia about any potential coronavirus related risks from wearing jewellery. This is positive news for our clients who love to show off their stunning York Jewellery pieces.  

The global overarching advice, however, is to consistently and thoroughly wash your hands with traditional soap, and utilise hand sanitiser as frequently as possible, particularly when in public places. With this in mind, irritation or dry skin may arise due to increased exposure to soaps and cleaning agents. If this does happen, it may be in your best interests then to have a short break from wearing your every-day rings and bracelets or alternatively, remove your pieces when washing and drying your hands. We may love seeing our exquisite designs all over Sydney and beyond, but our clients well being is and will forever be our highest priority. 

For even more tips on how to care for your statement or every-day pieces, click here or book an appointment for a private consultation with one of our trusted and distinguished jewellers. 

For all other queries, phone (02) 4721 0780 to speak with a member of York Jewellers.