Proudly Family Owned - Celebrating Over 45 Years

It all began in the middle of the roaring seventies. Diving headfirst into the enchanting world of jewellery making, an ambitious jeweller began his journey with a tender curiosity to one day, change the game. 

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It was in 1985, when Mr Robert Ely purchased the jewellery store where his bountiful love for jewellery making was firstborn. Fast forward to 2020 and we discover that this very business has played an integral role in defining Sydney’s jewellery making scene and has been a primary catalyst for industry progression.


At the humble age of sixteen, bright-eyed Robert began developing his talent in a store that was originally named the “Western Suburbs Diamond Centre”. Later, when he bought the business, it was renamed "York Jewellers".

From such a young age, he viewed jewellery making as much more than just a craft, but as a way of celebrating and remembering life's significant milestones. It was this very notion that has, from the very beginning, set York Jewellers apart from the rest. 


Robert had the vision to create a business that offered unparalleled beauty in the form of exquisite jewellery sentiments for the people of Penrith. Through this,  York Jewellers has transformed into a unique legacy that will live on forever, creating everlasting moments.

By offering both stunning individual keepsake pieces and carefully handcrafted designs for over four decades, the family business has grown to become an iconic name within the local community. This adoration amongst many has enabled them to connect with and enrich the lives of people by becoming a destination of love and celebration. 



There is a heartbeat at the centre of all Ely family business matters. Through their personalised approach and consideration for broader society, York Jewellers has become a business in which customers are thought of as friends, and staff are treated as extended family members.   

 Their glowing reputation truly is testimony to the ever-growing nature of the jewellery empire. 

With a “purpose beyond profit” mentality, Robert and Helen lead the business with integrity and fortitude. 

It was through this style of leadership and business conduct that contributed to an established reputation of being Penrith’s best diamond and jewellery store. 

Today, it is their youngest son who has taken the creative reigns as he follows in the footsteps of his noteworthy parents. 

Douglas Ely has injected modern charm into the York Jewellers name as both Head Jeweller and business leader.  Translating the sentiment of eternal love into his craft, Douglas produces custom jewellery that is truly one of a kind, alongside a team of exceptional talent. 

With creative expression in his blood, Douglas has already earned himself a string of international awards for his original designs and handcrafted precision. 

 Much like his diligent parents, Douglas gains true satisfaction from other’s happiness. His leadership style is both strategic and participative which further compliments the Ely family way.

Adopting modern business practices to ensure York is not only thriving but always reaching new industry benchmarks is something truly commendable at the age of twenty-seven. 
Douglas is fueled with the desire to expand past Sydney and become Australia's best diamond and custom jeweller. 
This audacious goal has sparked a successful re-brand of York Jewellers which has already attracted the likes of new clientele both near and far. Certainly a positive sign for what’s ahead.

With his passion for helping the community celebrate life's monumental moments, Douglas is leading the family business into a new era. 

Cleverly developed campaigns such as “the perfect proposal” have elevated Douglas’s popularity within the industry earning the jeweller remarkable reviews on a plethora of platforms.  

Having formed a team of loyal staff with an extraordinary work ethic and exceptional customer service skills, Douglas certainly has a well-oiled machine helping him propel the business to new heights. 

 Sydney is excited to see how the brand synonymous with romance, sophistication, joy and celebration will continue to grow and evolve.

 Here’s to Douglas carrying on the family legacy and the future of York Jewellers. 


York Jewellers

Moments Everlasting

Celebrating Over 45 Years