Did You Know You Can Have Your Wedding Ring Made to Fit?

If you’re familiar with York Jewellers, you’ll know that we love working with clients to create jewellery that’s perfect for them. From tailoring engagement rings to repurposing family heirlooms, we’ve helped bring all manner of custom creations to life over the years.

While many like to put their own spin on our range of rings, necklaces and bracelets, there's one all-important piece that’s often overlooked - the wedding band.

Tailored Wedding Bands

Infinite, precious, and beautiful, a wedding band is the perfect symbol of the unique love you share with your partner, which is why it only makes sense that it’s matched to your individual needs and tastes.

The sizing is critical - it must be comfortable to wear long-term - but the styling is just as important. After all, the ring itself will accompany you through life’s ups and downs, so you want it to be a treasure that’s meaningful, reflects you as a person, and that you can cherish forevermore.

Sizing, styling, and customisation are aspects which the experts at York Jewellers will happily guide you through when buying a wedding band. Whether you have a particular look in mind, need a little extra help choosing the right piece, or just want to know what’s possible, our jewellery professionals are there for you every step of the way.

Regardless if it’s from the showcase or custom, it’s also important to take into consideration how your ideal wedding ring fits with your existing engagement ring.

York Jewellers Can Fit Your Wedding Ring to Your Engagement Ring

If you wear two pieces of jewellery that consistently come into contact with each other, such as an engagement ring and a wedding band, they can break down over time.

Friction wear often presents in the form of thinning of the band or a change in the shape of the side details. As these are integral to the structure of the stone setting it’s important to avoid this deterioration wherever possible.

The team at York Jewellers can help you avoid deterioration of your rings by suggesting designs that are less likely to cause damage to one another in the first place. Flat rings of the same metal (and therefore hardness) can be worn for decades without any noticeable wear.

York Jewellers pride ourselves on developing a solution for when you plan on donning more elaborate rings, or mixing metals or shapes.

York can create a custom wedding band that’s contoured to your existing engagement ring, resulting in a perfect union of jewellery. 

Customisation is an excellent choice for large diamonds or particularly intricate designs, ensuring both your wedding ring and your engagement ring can be worn  comfortably.

Reach Out To York Jewellers For the Best Made-To-Fit Wedding Rings

Whatever your size, style, or existing engagement jewellery, the expert team at York Jewellers will help you find your ideal wedding band. From striking from-the-showcase designs to custom contoured creations, you’re bound to find something you love.

Peruse our selection of wedding bands online, visit us in-store, or book an appointment with our jewellery experts for more information.